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'Psych' remake episode 'Cloudy ... With a Chance of Improvement' clip

Check out the first footage of "Psych's" remake episode airing Wednesday (Jan. 22). The episode is called "Cloudy ... With a Chance of Improvement," a remake of the Season 1 episode "Cloudy ... With a Chance of Murder."It's a delightful hour of TV for the "Psych"-Os. Ralph Macchio is guest starring after previously appearing on Season 5 episode "We'd Like to Thank the Academy" -- and he is not the only familiar "Psych" face you're going to see. It's almost like a game, picking out the other former guest stars, some of which are more obvious than others. Plus, Michael Weston reprises his role of Adam Hornstock, which is a lot of fun. Below, check out the "Psych"-Outs from the most recent episode, "S.E.I.Z.E. the Day," with Dule Hill rapping Grandmaster Flash's "The Message." Hee!And if you'd like to refresh your memory on "Cloudy ... With a Chance of Murder," you can watch the... //

'Psych' - 'S.E.I.Z.E. the Day' GIFs and best lines: Lassiter's a what?!

The latest "Psych" episode, titled "S.E.I.Z.E. the Day," saw Lassiter get some pretty big news -- but don't keep reading if you don't want to be spoiled.Lassie's gonna be a daddy!Marlowe dropped quite the bombshell on Carlton Jebediah Lassiter when she told him that she's pregnant. It caused the normally guns-blazing hero to turn into a frightened little man, scared to do anything while chasing bad guys because of how he could be killed in the line of duty and leave them all alone. But in the end, Lassiter realizes that he just has to do his best and try to make the world safer for his son -- he's assuming it's a boy and we are going to laugh and laugh when it turns out to be a girl.Meanwhile, Harris Trout (guest star Anthony Michael Hall) continues to terrorize the department as the interim chief of police, demoting Lassie to beat cop and refusing... //

'Psych' Season 8 episode 2: Meet Trout's mom

Check out these sneak peek clips from "Psych" Season 8, episode 2, titled "S.E.I.Z.E. the Day," which sees Harris Trout (guest star Anthony Michael Hall) wreaking his own particular brand of havoc on the Santa Barbara Police Department.Above, Trout gives us some insight into his childhood by accidentally revealing his imaginary friend -- Raoul the hairless wolf that lived in his pantry. Sure. Below, Trout's mom (guest star Celia Weston) explains a lot about Trout's childhood -- "All I wanted to do was dance!" -- and he shows off his ability of being a police chief while blindfolded, in a Zap2it first look. "Psych" airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA and let us tell you, this week's episode has a real bombshell. brightcove.createExperiences();... //

Psych Season 8 Episode 2 “S.E.I.Z.E. the Day”

Psych  “S.E.I.Z.E. the Day” Season 8 episode 2 airs Wednesday, January 15 on USA Network at 9pm. Episode Synopsis:  Psych Season 8 Episode 2 “S.E.I.Z.E. the Day”- Lassiter receives some life-changing news and begins to lose his nerve on the job. As a result, he enlists Shawn and Gus to help him take down a dangerous criminal who tried to kill the SBPD’s Interim Chief while he was giving a speech at a press conference. Read More... //

'Psych' Season 8 premiere GIFs and best lines: 'Grint Grunt, loud and proud!'

"Psych" is back with a bang for its Season 8 premiere with "Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster's Goblet of Fire," which combines the fun heistiness of Guy Ritchie's "Lock, Stock" movie and Gus' (Dule Hill) "Harry Potter" obsession, plus a return of Cary Elwes as charming international art thief Pierre Despereaux.But wait! It turns out Despereaux has been working for Interpol this entire time. He's actually Royston Staley, an agent who devised the character of Despereaux in order to go undercover in the criminal world ... or is he? The show leaves it up to us to decide, but we're coming down on the side of Despereaux is still Despereaux.The best lines of the episode include:Gus: "I'm a Grint Grunt, loud and proud!"Gus: "'That stick' is a Nimbus 2000, a gift the wizard Potter received from Minerva McGonagall, which you would know if you had ever successfully opened a book. ... I... //

‘Psych’s’ James Roday Reveals Show Will Re-Make an Episode From Season 1 (Video)

Zombies? Time travel? The return of familiar faces?   TheWrap ‘s Jethro Nededog sat down with “Psych” star James Roday for all the details about Season 8 before Wednesday’s premiere on USA Network. “It was sort of a thank-you season for the fans, like how many little gifts can we give them,” Roday said about the fun-filled season. Read More.... //

'Psych': James Roday knows you want to both hug and slap Shawn

Zap2it: Before "Psych: The Musical" had you ever done a musical?James Roday: I had never done a musical. I have so much respect for the medium and the muscles it takes to pull that off. I never felt compelled to take on that challenge. Predominantly you really have to learn how to take care of your voice to do eight shows a week.Zap2it: How has Shawn evolved over the years?James Roday: He has definitely moved slowly. I think he is taking baby steps, but if you add all the baby steps up, he has managed to go from man-child to man-adolescent. As he has gotten older there are things important to him. He does not want to lose a bit of a battle, to find the balance between a kid who does not want to grow up and a man who does not want to lose the things that matter most to him. That's why... //

'Psych' Season 8 premiere poster first look

It's almost here, "Psych"-Os. The Season 8 premiere of everyone's favorite psychic detective show debuts in just a few short hours. To tide you over until "Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster's Goblet of Fire," above is the official premiere poster, appearing exclusively at Zap2it, and below are a few spoiler-y nuggets.The episode is all about the Guster. Sure, Shawn and Despereaux are there, but it's Gus' time to shine. He is a "loud and proud" Potterhead who manages to get entangled in some criminal activity, which is just how we like Gus.Just when you thought you had Pierre Despereaux figured out, think again. There are a couple twists and turns in the episode to throw you for a loop. If this is the last time Cary Elwes appears on "Psych," we feel we got our money's worth.We aren't sure we'd call Queen Elizabeth a "QILF," show. But whatever frosts your biscuits.Don't be... //

Psych Season 8 Premiere 2014 “Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster’s Goblet of Fire”

Psych  “Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster’s Goblet of Fire” Season 8 episode 1 airs Wednesday, January 8 on USA Network (10-11 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis:  Psych Season 8 Episode 1 “Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster’s Goblet of Fire” – Gus attends a Harry Potter convention in London in the Season 8 opener. Read More... //

'Psych' Season 8 premiere pics: Cary Elwes' Desperaux is up to no good ... or is he?

Check out these new pictures of "Psych's" upcoming Season 8 premiere, titled "Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster's Goblet of Fire." It features Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dule Hill) heading across the pond for some more heist action courtesy of Desperaux (Cary Elwes).Or is it courtesy of Desperaux? We can't tell you much, but let's just say there may be a new facet to the art thief that throws his whole "career criminal" thing into question. We can also tease for you that Gus makes a terrific Potterhead, though his Rupert Grint obsession is slightly alarming. Those Guy Ritchie fans out there will also appreciate not only the episode title, but the "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" style of the episode, plus guest-starring turn by "Lock, Stock" star Vinnie Jones himself (pictured above).Check out all the Season 8 pictures here. "Psych" returns Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.... //