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Psych @ Comic-Con: Watch Shawn and Gus Get Back in Shape for TV-Movie

Shawn and Gus hit the home gym and down a few pineapple cocktails in a newly released short screened at Psych: The MoviesSan Diego Comic-Con panel. The footage finds James Roday and Dul Hill back in character, as the inseparable crime-solving duo attempt to whip themselves back into Psych shape ahead of the [] //

'Psych' Reunion Movie: Jimmi Simpson Sets Return, Creator Teases Sequels

The 'Westworld' star will reprise his role as Mary Lightly in the upcoming special.  ...Read More... //

The First Psych: The Movie Teaser Shows Shawn and Gus Practicing Their Best Catchphrases -

You've heard it both ways -- Shawn and Gus are getting back in Psych shape! The cast and producers of the upcoming Psych: The Movie treated fans to a special teaser for the film during their San Diego Comic-Con panel on Friday after announcing that Jimmi Simpson would be returning for the film. Read the full article at .

Psych: The Movie Mega Buzz: Gus Finally Meets His Match!

Gus' ( Dule Hill ) search for love may be over in  Psych: The Movie ,  but can he handle his new lady love? "He kind of meets his match in Selene," Hill tells us. "Gus is used to being the hunter who never gets his prey. It'll be interesting to see what happens when the tables are turned and he becomes the hunted." Throughout the two-hour film, Selene, who will be played by Hill's real-life fiancee  Jazmyn Simon , will keep Gus and fans guessing as to whether she's the girl of Gus' dreams or his nightmares. But either way, it sounds like Selene will be way more than Gus bargained for -- which might be exactly what Gus has been looking for all these years.  ...Read More...   //

Psych Creator Wants to Make Five More Revival Movies

Most shows that manage to snag a revival movie do so with the understanding that this will be the show and characters' final moment in the sun before fading away forever, but Psych creator Steve Franks isn't willing to settle for that. In fact, he wants to make five more movies in the world of   ...Read More...   //

Everything We Know About Psych: The Movie So Far

  Psych: The Movie is shaping up to be a special treat for longtime fans of the show, and we've got all the details about what you can expect! For one, we know that most of the original cast is slated to appear including James Roday as Shawn Spencer, Dule Hill as Gus (T.T. Showbiz), Maggie Lawson as   ...Read More... //

I Know, You Know, That You Want Some Hot Details About Psych's Movie Reunion

You heard about  Psych’s  holiday  reunion movie  on USA? That’s (not) messed up. Shawn, Gus, Juliet, and nearly the whole Santa Barbara gang are excitedly getting back together for a two-hour  Psych: The Movie  later this year, and although some details about the outing have already been unveiled — a “mystery assailant” played by Zachary Levi will be targeting the group as a criminal named Thin White Duke —  EW  has conjured up even  more  info about what to expect. Sadly, and perhaps most important, Timothy Omundson won’t be appearing in a large capacity as Carlton Lassiter after suffering from a recent stroke. (You can see he’s not in the above group photo.) “[His stroke] kind of forced us to rethink a lot,” explained the show’s star James Roday. “First and foremost, whether or not we should be making this movie — if it even made sense and if the timing was right or not. Then beyond that creatively, how do we make that work?”  Psych ’s creator, Steve Franks, added: “There is most definitely a way that he appears in the movie. We haven’t gotten to that point [in the editing process, yet]. I can’t say for 100 percent sure that he will, but I can say like 99.99 percent that we did everything we can to get Tim in the movie.”  ...Read More... //

The First Psych: The Movie Photo Confirms This Fan Favorite's Reduced Role

Ahead of its December release, new details have emerged about the forthcoming movie revival of USA Network's Psych . A first look image of the cinematic reunion has been revealed by Entertainment Weekly , and in it, we see James Roday as Shawn Spencer, Corbin Bernson as Henry Spencer, Kirsten Nelson   ...Read More... //

USA Network Returns to San Diego Comic-Con with a "Mr. Robot" Activation, "Psych" and "Colony" Panels

USA will give "Mr. Robot" fans the opportunity to visit the nefarious E Corp's Bank of E and receive their own E Corp card loaded with E Coin cryptocurrency.  ...Read More... //

Celebrate Psych's 11th Anniversary With a Supercut Of Shawn's Hilarious Nicknames for Gus

  Trending on Twitter. Burton Guster Black Spencer. Immaculate conception. No, these aren't just random words, they're just a few of the many hilarious nicknames Shawn ( James Roday ) used while introducing Gus ( Dule Hill ) to others. Friday marks 11 years since the show premiered and is   ...Read More... ...   //