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TV Tonight: What's On Wednesday 1/27 - Featured

Tonight's network TV is taken over by President Obama's State of the Union Address, but never fear, cable TV and American Idol are still here to entertain post-Obama time! Here's what's new tonight: 8/7c American Idol on Fox 9/8c Friday Night Lights on DirecTV Leverage on TNT Launch My Line on Bravo - Finale! Ghost Hunters International on Sci-Fi 10/9c Psych on USA Network - Winter Premiere! Nip/Tuck on FX Real World: D.C. on MTV 11/10c The Daily Show on Comedy Central 11:30/10:30c The Colbert Report on Comedy Central What will you be watching?

Psych: Preview of Episode 4.10 "You Can't Handle This Episode"

Psych kicks off the second half of its fourth season with an army-themed installment entitled "You Can't Handle This Episode." When we last saw the mystery comedy back in October, Shawn's life was in danger as he stumbled onto something dangerous while working on a case involving an ice cream truck. And something tells me that tonight's episode is no different. Shawn will once again live on the edge and spearhead the action as he takes on a case in which a solider has seemingly committed suicide. As expected, Shawn has a different take on the case as he claims that the soldier's suicide was actually murder. He uses his "psychic" abilities to determine foul play only to discover that Juliet's older brother, Ewan O'Hara, played by WWE's John Cena, who is supposed to help in the investigation, may be involved in the crime. While that's happening, Shawn tries to appease his girlfriend, Abigail, played by Rachael Leigh Cook, who wants to go out on a real date with him. For now though, she'll have to settle for a date at the crime scene. Check out the clip from tonight's episode: Source & Preview

PSYCH January 2010 Preview and Clips

Check out a couple of previews and clips, as well as a music video for the return of PSYCH and its 4.5 Season, which premieres on Wednesday January 27 at 10pm on USA. You might have noticed that instead of the familiar Friday night, Psych is now moving to Wednesdays. I am a little sad with the day change because Psych always made Fridays exciting. On top of that, Wednesdays are already pretty packed for me so that means I might end up delaying watching Psych even more now. But if it gets more people to watch it, then I'm all for it. I'm just excited Shawn and Gus are back and I can't wait to find out what the writers have in store for us this time (maybe some more 'The Mentalist' jokes?). Enjoy the videos below. Source & Clips

Psych Season 4, Episode 10 Previews: Wednesdays Starting January 27th! - Featured

Psych returns with an all new day and time, Wednesday at 10/9c on USA Network starting January 27th! The fourth season continues with guest stars John Cena, Robert Patrick, and Rachel Leigh Cook returns as Shawn's girlfriend. Other guest stars in the second half of season 4 include: Judd Nelson, Chris Sarandon, Miguel Ferrer, Bruce Davison, Ally Sheedy and more. Check out the promos: Psych Winter Premiere Previews Visit the official Facebook fan page and follow Psych on Twitter !