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Psych 5.15 "Dead Bear Walking" Review

Just like it was hard to follow the  Twin Peaks  inspired episode with the police academy episode, it was near impossible for them to follow the inspired Christmas/dream episode. Compared to 5.14 this was obviously a step back; but in this strong run of episodes, thankfully, it was still another solid episode of  Psych . When a polar bear trainer is found dead in the habitat at a local zoo, Shawn and Gus aim to prove that the bear was innocent, and make sure it doesn't end up euthanized for a crime it didn't commit. Meanwhile, Lassiter's little sister Lauren (April Bowlby) is in town to film a documentary on her crime fighting brother. Of course Lauren is ridiculously beautiful considering her blood relation to Carlton, and of course that means Gus starts putting the moves on, and of course that means Shawn is going to be horrified. Just when it looks like Gus is about to strike gold, he has a terrifying vision of Lauren-as-Lassiter, which definitely ruins the moment. Poor Gus. To Read More  Click Here.

PSYCH “Dead Bear Walking” Review

A polar bear accused of murder? Now where else are you going to see such hard-hitting stories like that except on this show? Shawn and a rather reluctant Gus (at least at first) try to figure out what really happened before the bear can be put down, all while Lassie’s sister follows everyone around filming it for a documentary. No one believes at first that Lauren is actually related to Lassie, probably because she’s nice and sweet and he’s. well.. not. Overall I liked this episode but not nearly as much as the one that came on right before it. I did enjoy how Shawn went out of his way to make Lassie look good in front of his sister after Lauren confessed she didn’t see him the same way she used to when she was a kid. Once again Lassie had no clue he was being helped and took all the credit for completely solving the case himself. To Read More Click Here.