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'Psych's' Martin Sheen 'cameo' was one of Dule Hill's season highlights

"West Wing" fans got a treat during "Psych's" penultimate episode, "A Nightmare on State Street," when Gus (Dulé Hill ) found himself in a series of nightmares and in one, actor Martin Sheen made a "cameo" as Gus' dad, in photo form. Sheen and Hill starred for seven seasons on "The West Wing," with Sheen playing Hill's de facto father figure, so it was a fun joke for fans. Hill tells Zap2it that over the eight years of "Psych," he always wanted his former co-star to appear on their show but they could never make it work."I wanted to actually get Martin Sheen's physical form in the show, but the fact that we can get a picture of Martin Sheen and me calling him papa was one of the highlights of the season," says Hill. "Throughout the years we tried to get him on and the schedule could never really work it out.""Psych" bows next... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/03/psychs-martin-sheen-cameo-was-one-of-dule-hills-season-highlights.html

'Psych': Bruce Campbell and Dule Hill say 'Nightmare on State Street' has too many horror references to count

"Psych's" penultimate episode, "A Nightmare on State Street," is in line with all of the USA comedy's best scary episodes, like "Mr. Yin Presents" and "Tuesday the 17th." In fact, it's full of more horror movie homages and references than one can count.One of the biggest homages is the casting of horror movie legend Bruce Campbell ("Evil Dead," "Army of Darkness") as Dr. Ashford Simpson -- a "full-of-c*** dream therapist," Campbell tells Zap2it -- whom Campbell, as a "Burn Notice" alum, was excited to play for his fellow USA show."I was like, 'Where do I sign?'" says Campbell. "I ran into [stars Dulé Hill and James Roday] at all these events because I was on 'Burn Notice' and they were on 'Psych,' and actors always say, 'Let's work together,' but I actually watch their show, I love it. The tone is like nothing else. I love the humor of it and those guys are so... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/03/psych-bruce-campbell-and-dule-hill-say-nightmare-on-state-street-has-too-many-horror-references-to-c.html

'Psych' - 'A Touch of Sweevil' GIFs: Mira Sorvino joins the SBPD

With Chief Vick and Juliet off in San Francisco, new SBPD Chief Lassiter needs a new head detective. In "Psych's" "A Touch of Sweevil," he finds that person in Betsy Brannigan (guest star Mira Sorvino), who he discovers is a Lassie clone, after first trying to get rid of her by having Gus and Shawn pull out all the crazy stops with their psychic shenanigans.It's a fun episode, particularly with Yvette Nicole Brown and Tom Arnold rounding out the guest-star list as fellow paranormal consultants. It also kind of makes us wish Lassie and Brannigan were getting a "Psych" spinoff -- especially since her sidearms are named "Belle Star" and "Beatrix Kiddo."Best Lines:Shawn: "If he wants to turn a blind eye to my skill set for four years running, then he can eat a hot, steaming bowl of suck-it soup."Gus: "Is there a green room, Randall? If so, I drink only vitamin water. Not the... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/03/psych---a-touch-of-sweevil-gifs-mira-sorvino-joins-the-sbpd.html

Psych Season 8 Episode 9 “A Nightmare on State Street”

Psych  “A Nightmare on State Street” Season 8 episode 9 airs Wednesday, March 19 on USA Network at 9pm. Episode Synopsis:  Psych Season 8 Episode 9 “A Nightmare on State Street”- Gus has been suffering from terrifying nightmares, so he goes to dream therapy to help alleviate the problem. But Gus’ nightmares start to feel like reality when he and Shawn work to solve an unlikely case for the SBPD. Throughout the case, Gus dreams about battling zombies and other classic horror story characters–all while trying to cope with the many changes the future is bringing. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/03/19/psych-season-8-episode-9-a-nightmare-on-state-street/

Exclusive Psych First Look: Bruce Campbell Plays Some Serious Mind Games with Gus

Welcome back, Bruce Campbell ! The former Burn Notice star returns to USA this month as a guest star on Psych 's penultimate episode (March 19, 9/8c). In the hour, titled "Nightmare on State Street," Campbell will play a...   //www.tvguide.com/News/Psych-Bruce-Campbell-First-Look-1079013.aspx?rss=breakingnews