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When Does Psych: The Movie Premiere?

Everyone's favorite fake psychic will soon return with more ridiculous disguises, memorable nicknames and hijinks with his BFF, Gus. Psych: The Movie reunites the original cast of the hit comedy series   ...Read More...

Prepare for Psych: The Movie with a Delightful Cast Superlatives Game

Are you ready for more delicious flavor? We're just about two weeks away from the return of Santa Barbara/San Francisco's best psychic detective agency in Psych: The Movie, and...   ...Read More...

Psych Mega Buzz: Is Shawn Still Afraid to Commit?

Last we left  Psych 's Shawn ( James Roday ) and Juliet ( Maggie Lawson ), they were engaged but missing one very important ingredient: the ring! When  Psych: The Movie  premieres next month, the couple still won't have replaced the family heirloom, nor will they have set a date for their wedding even all these years later — something Shawn is blaming on the original ring's disappearance and not, as is more likely, on his hesitancy to take to commit. "Shawn's excuses have always been on the flimsy side," Roday tells TV Guide. "It's reasonable to assume that he might be clinging to something flimsy again."   ....Read More...

Could Psych Be Gearing Up for A Full-On Revival?

  With Psych: The Movie bringing back everyone's favorite fake psychic, fans have started asking whether the series is ripe for a revival. With shows like Full House , Gilmore Girls and even Will & Grace getting revived for a second run, it's not out of the realm of possibility that Psych could get the   ...Read More...

The Psych Cast Reveals their Favorite Lassiter Moments

  Shawn Spencer ( James Roday ) might have been the hero of Psych , but everyone knows that the stern sceptic Carlton Lassiter ( Timothy Omundson ) was known to steal the show from time to time. There was just something about the way Shawn pushed Lassie's buttons to the point of explosion that fans could  ...Read More...

Psych Stars Answer Fans' Questions About Monk Crossover, Dul Hill's Driving

  The best part about Comic-Con is that fans have the chance for real face time with the stars of the shows they love. With Psych: the Movie reuniting the cast for one last hurrah ( to be followed by several more hurrahs, apparently ), fans were psyched -- yes, we went there, deal with it -- to ask the ...  ...Read More...

Psych: The Movie: We Have an Airdate!

Ready, set, save the date, Psychos. A premiere date for USA Networks Psych: The Movie was announced Saturday at New York Comic-Con (via a panel moderated by yours truly), and the anticipated one-off revival will bow on Thursday, Dec, 7 at 8/7c. The airdate news was revealed by MIA co-lead Dul Hill (who had a []

Psych: The Movie... With Ryan Gosling?! Watch 'Fake News' Teaser

Gus has no patience for fake news especially when it comes directly out of Shawns mouth in the latest Psych: The Movie teaser. The following clip finds Dul Hill and James Roday back in character, as the crime-solving duo once again tease the feature-length revival without actuallyoffering up any footage. Instead, Shawn [] //

Yvette Nicole Brown is Totally Down to Appear in a Psych Movie

  Psych: The Movie is scheduled to premiere in December, but if creator Steve Franks has his way, this film will be the first of many in an ongoing series. Main characters Shawn ( James Roday ), Gus ( Dul Hill ), Juliet ( Maggie Lawson ) and the rest of the gang will all return for this first reunion   ...Read More... //

The Psych Cast Shares Their Best Title Suggestions for the Potential Movie Sequels

When Psych creator Steve Franks first revealed he hoped to do another five reunion movies , our first reaction was, Whaaaaat?!? But then our second reaction was, heck yes! If any show can somehow pull of doing a Fast and the Furious -like film franchise, it's Psych . They've already shown us they can do   ...Read More... //