Review of Public Morals

60 minutes

Set in 1967 in New York City's Public Morals Division, where cops walk the line between morality and criminality as the temptations that comes from dealing with all kinds of vice can get the better of them.
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Aug 28, 2015 5:37PM EDT

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I really like Ed Burns and he has been around awhile but looks the same and also creator of the show about NYC Vice cops in the 1960s era !
The whole cast includes many well known faces , if not names . So Far , So Good ! Another reason I like it is , I grew up on the Streets of NY Born in '47 the 60s were my High School , College & Military Service and the Best job I ever had and went to work in NOLA at the same Club called Your Father's Mustache ! I mention this , only because one night in '67 or '68 , all of the staff working that night had a showdown with some customers who were acting rude and it was a Bachelor Party. Turned out they were all NYC Vice cops , but before they told us as we stood on one side of the Club and they the other , they pulled back their jackets and all had shoulder holsters on. They apologized , went and tipped really well , to their waiters and bartenders , we opened the Beer taps and drank til 7 AM as they told us stories about NYC Hookers and gambling dens. So far this show is pretty spot on , but it reminds me of the Godfather , only in the sense the way its filmed , which still ain't to shabby a comparison to be made with !


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