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Rainbow Episode #26 Anime Review

As the boys all move firmly down the paths that their lives have been taking since getting out of the reformatory, it's little surprise that Mario is essentially the central focus of it. They've all come in and out of each others lives over the course of the series but Mario has been more consistent than others. And with the things he's been through, he's taken on the role of Sakuragi himself as he's gotten older, becoming the reliable and steady one whose heart is there to help his friends at any time. He's got his wounds as well, physical ones as well, and that's where the focus turns to as Jeffrey is doing his best to get Mario back into the ring. Even with it being three years since his hand was broken and left in the state it's in, boxing coach Jimmy Brown sees a lot of potential in him if it can be fixed. The doctor he's sent to is amazed that his hand even functions at this point and only gives him a thirty percent chance of being able to fix it. Sakuragi's words ring loud in his head though in that if there's even a one percent chance for something, you take it and do all that you can. The bonds of friendship come back into play to try and help Mario find his real path again and they all work hard at making sure that he can get the operation. These kinds of bonds have been common throughout the series, but each time it comes up with the swelling of the music, it still works very well. These guys are like war buddies who have been through so much together that they'll do anything for one another. Read More

Rainbow Episode #25 Anime Review

Taking on the job for Sugi in getting the money from a very delinquent person, Turtle takes on the role of a repo man with a kind of ferocity that you wouldn't quite expect from him. He's definitely had a kind of certainty and confidence to himself since we met him, but now that we know more of his background and how he's feeling, his approach to life is definitely taking on new tones. With that back in the mind feeling that he may be dying from the effects of the bombing back in the war, it frees you up from certain things you may normally feel. He has his goals that he wants to achieve and knowing subconsciously that you have a limited amount of time, you'll go the distance if you have what it takes. The relationship between Turtle and Lilly continue to evolve in interesting ways here. She went pretty far for him in the previous episode in order to get him into the hospital to be checked out at the same time that he went really far in order to get her money so she can go to America. For Lilly, it's really impacting her a lot since she's become so immune to the ways of the world since it's treated her like crap for so long. With her now understanding what Turtle has done for her, it's such a shock and a surprise that she's going to go to extra lengths to make sure that he's not going down any further wrong paths because of her. His showing her some brightness and light in this world has her wanting even more to make sure that she's not the cause of bringing him more darkness. Read More

Rainbow Episode #24 Anime Review

Turtle has long been the cagey support person of the group, always able to get things done in a pinch and maneuver the tricky streets of commerce and people with relative ease. His arc started off with a fair bit of promise because of Lilly and the US officer she was supposed to return to America with since there was a good chance that he'd be able to go along with them. Unfortunately, there was a good deal of trickery involved there and nothing went as planned for either of them. What made it worse for Turtle was that his illness related to the atomic bomb has started to hit him as well and we got a very intense look at what happened during that fateful day. With that illness now taking a turn for the worse with him, it's something that Mario can't exactly hide anymore since the local doctor can do only so much, so he has to fill Lilly in on things. Neither of them can afford to get him the medical attention he needs at a hospital, so Lilly hopes to use some of her remaining contacts on the base in order to get him looked at. At the same time, Turtle is going a different approach by using his funds to gain a larger loan with the cheap moneylender in order to gain the 300,000 yen he needs in such a hurry. While he can't get it done the way he wants, he finds himself entering a very different world instead. Read More

Rainbow Episode #23 Anime Review

Chance encounters are the way of life and sometimes they can bring out interesting revelations that you don't really think about. The start of this episode has Turtle doing his basic selling and marketing of goods that catches the eye of an old man. The guy just wants to bum a cigarette off of him since Turtle won't sell him them by the singles and the two have an interesting, quiet little bonding moment. Enough so that when the guy says he wants his address so he can get one more off of him before he dies, Turtle gives him his actual address. Something that even the other guys from the reformatory days don't even know, which Mario mentions oh so casually. Turtle's story takes some interesting turns here as he learns that Lilly will be heading to America soon to be with her soldier as he's been reassigned back to the States. He's intent on getting out of the black market anyway so it works out for Turtle to try and figure out what to do next, though being teased with the idea of going to America himself is powerful. Where it gets really interesting is that he's been feeling ill lately and is starting to have flashbacks to when his parents had died in the atomic blast, something he was caught in as well. The thought that the issues from that are finally catching up to him is difficult for him to believe, but the evidence continues to mount. Seeing the flashbacks to those days, the powerful imagery of it all, says a lot about what Turtle has experienced and reshapes views on him. Read More

Rainbow Episode #22 Anime Review

Scam's descent into the world of love has left him crushed, humiliated and at a loss when it comes to his friends and family as he has pushed them away and taken advantage of them. While his love of Eri is true, there's a good chance a lot of it is just first time infatuation and lust gone overboard since it's pushed him to such an extent. But even a most basic of loves that he could feel, accented by all of that, combined by the way he sees her being with other women would certainly push him even further. To find someone you love, that you want to be with as much as possible, and yet know that she's trapped in such a situation and pleasures other men would be too much for most men to handle. Seeing Scam having to go through such things only to see it go even lower after Eri says she'll meet with him but doesn't is positively heartbreaking. He's done his best to turn things around since getting out of the reformatory since he found brothers in life there that showed him a better way, but living what he thinks is the right life hasn't worked. When it's just Turtle that shows up, someone that he really laid into in his own way before, it just strikes him all the harder and makes it much sadder to watch. The one person he wronged the most is the one that is still there for him and does his best to take care of him afterward since he gets quite ill from waiting in the rain. The bonds of these young men continue to be the strongest point of the series as they find their new paths in life and seeing Scam still connected to them even after what he did is incredibly heartwarming. Read More

Rainbow Episode #22

Scam's descent into the world of love has left him crushed, humiliated and at a loss when it comes to his friends and family as he has pushed them away and taken advantage of them. While his love of Eri is true, there's a good chance a lot of it is just first time infatuation and lust gone overboard since it's pushed him to such an extent. But even a most basic of loves that he could feel, accented by all of that, combined by the way he sees her being with other women would certainly push him even further. To find someone you love, that you want to be with as much as possible, and yet know that she's trapped in such a situation and pleasures other men would be too much for most men to handle. To Read MoreĀ  Click Here.

Rainbow Episode #21 Anime Review

While we've had some episodes focusing on Scam earlier in the series, it was more towards the way he was handling his time in the reformatory or the way he's helped out Mario with his legal issues and getting people on the right page for a plan. With the series getting closer to the end, and more of them finding their place in life, Scam's story starts to become clearer as he brings Turtle back to his house for a meal after a night out with their friends. It's amusing at first, seeing his younger brothers who are twins and look like Scam, but it's an endearing scene overall as Turtle realizes just how good Scam has it in a way because he has family, and he's reaching out to Turtle in his own way, which in turn warms Turtle's heart like it hasn't before. Scam has unfortunately fallen for a woman though and it's starting to cause a serious problem for his life. He's getting money to visit a prostitute, something that Turtle introduced him to quite awhile ago, and he's fallen hard for a young woman named Eri that works there. She's working through debts owed by her family so that her sister can go to school and get married someday, but Scam wants to rescue her from this fate as he loves her quite a lot. So much so that the money he's been using for his schooling has instead gone towards her, which is straining relations with his brothers and now with Turtle since he's been looped in on what's going on. The way Scam is so blinded by his love for Eri, which really is his first love and goes overboard in a way he can't quite get, is rather sad to watch in a way. You feel for him as he goes through it as most of us do, but his situation puts both him and Eri in a bad place where it could go quite disastrously. He's ready to throw everything away, including friends and families as he states quite clearly, in order to get her away from this life. And in doing so, he knows but doesn't quite register how much it's going to impact Eri's sister either. But his need is so strong that he can't help himself in this regard. His need is overpowering his common sense, though his friends try different ways of getting him back on track. It's a great sequence with Soldier but painful to watch as the emotions and music roll over you, knowing the situation they're in and the intensity of it all. It's one of the hallmarks of this series and it continues to be done incredibly well. Read More

Rainbow Episode #20 Anime Review

With Joe's story having come to a close, things move in an interesting direction. The amount of yakuza and thugs involved in the music industry is no surprise but what resulted from Joe's arc is that he's back at square one but he has his sister in his life. That leaves us with one young man who now finds himself with a new possibility opening up for his life. When Turtle, Mario and Cabbage go to make mild amends and step away from the yakuza world, they're made the offer to join up since they're good kids who have some gumption to them that's not seen all that often in the streets these days. While Mario and Turtle are quick to get out, you can see the appeal of it to Cabbage who sees it as a manly world he can enter and do good in. While I don't think Cabbage has really been portrayed as the slow witted type, and he's not really going that route here, he's the one without a real dream it seems at a time when everyone else is moving on with theirs. The appeal of joining up with the Fukomoto gang is big to him since it would give him a path, something he sorely lacks. Scam and Turtle do a decent job of trying to show him another path, mostly in using scams and the like, but it's not a world that really fits for Cabbage and his personality. They really couldn't make him feel more out of place with it without going over the top and taking some of the reality out of the show. And while you don't want to see any of the boys really turn to a life of crime and criminal activity after what they've suffered through, it's an area where you can see Cabbage really taking root in. Read More

Rainbow Episode #19 Anime Review

Rainbow's story dealing with Joe has moved along fairly quick, similar to how Mario's did when things got out of hand for him at the bar, and the last episode gave us the scene with him and his manager being accosted by the rival gang who wants in on things. The action turns pretty violent with the thugs there to get what they want and instill some fear into them, to the point where you wouldn't be surprised to see him use his gun on them. Where it all changes is when a note makes its way into Mario's hands and they realize that something very wrong has gone on and they head there to help out. Queue up a fistfight. In a way, it's not surprising to see Mario go this route and use his fists to settle the issue, especially since such violence is threatened there and you can't imagine the cops being pulled into this. At the same time, considering the trouble he just went through with a prison sentence potentially hanging over his head, going fists first into this is a decidedly dangerous thing to do. It is good to watch the bonds of friendship to be shown so strongly here as they take care of the issue and get the battered and bruised Joe out of there, but in the end it's all for naught as his shot at music is ruined because of what happened and his manager wants nothing more to do with him. He rose quickly and had a big shot but it all fell through for reasons mostly out of his control. Watching Joe go through all of it, I can't help but feel disconnected from what's happening. His desire for music has been there since the start of the series but it never felt compelling, even with the background brought in regarding his sister. As he suffers here in full view of his friends and makes his determination to get back into the game, it's all straightforward and believable but it lacks anything compelling. The big positive side of discovering his sister again after all this time almost feels glossed over and more attention is paid to honoring Sakuragi after all is said and done, to thank him for watching over them from beyond the grave. It's reverential to be sure, but it feels misplaced and not something you'd imagine Sakuragi would want. Source Here: //

Rainbow Episode #18 Anime Review

While the show has spent a lot of its time on either the group as a whole, Sakuragi or Mario, it hasn't spent a lot of detailed time with most of the others. They get some good material, but entire arcs devoted to them have not been the order of the day. In a way, that's not a bad thing as Joe's arc as it's started out has been less than interesting at times. Joe's suffered a lot under the time in the reformatory and he's helped out immensely at key times, but his aspirations to a musical career and all that it entails there hasn't been captivating in its opening salvo. In a way, Turtle continues to be more interesting since he puts his fingers into every pie in an effort to make some money for himself. Joe has aged considerably though since then. A good bit of time has passed and we've seen all of them get a little older and more sturdy now that life isn't quite so rough in a way. Outside of Turtle, perhaps. Joe's softer sides are still there but he has more of an adult edge to him now that gives him a serious look. Unfortunately for him, his manager/handler is moving things forward in a way that has him being told to cut ties with his friends from the reformatory since it could hurt his image. It's a difficult decision, one that you know challenges him, but at his core he still wants to sing for his sister more than anything else. Not surprisingly, outside of Turtle, the others are fine with it as they understand the challenges he has to face in this new arena. Turtle's a bit childish about the whole thing but his attitude isn't a surprise. His sister is brought up elsewhere as well as we get to see what she's up to these days, at least for a moment or two. A lot of the show focuses on Joe's career though and the way he's being handled, which also ties into its gang backing. When a rival gang wants to get involved, not knowing that a very powerful gang is behind his manager, things start to get more serious and threats become overt rather than implied. It's not surprising to see these kinds of elements in this business at this time the story takes place in, but it's just one more piece that pushes the ability to suspend disbelief in that every one of these kids is still having some form of trouble with the law. It doesn't help Joe's story all that much either. Read More: //