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TV ratings: 'NCIS' has another huge night Tuesday

Fast National ratings for Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013"NCIS" delivered its second-biggest audience ever Tuesday night, drawing more than 22 million viewers and scoring the night's best adults 18-49 rating as well.CBS scored an across-the-board win for the night, but there were little bits of good news for ABC and NBC too. "Private Practice" ticked up a bit from last week for ABC, while "Go On" rebounded some after a season low last week for NBC. "Parenthood" also repeated as the 18-49 leader at 10 p.m.CBS completely dominated the night in viewers, drawing just under 17 million people and a 10.6 rating/16 share in households. In a very distant second -- some 12 million viewers behind -- was NBC with 4.8 million viewers and a 3.1/5. ABC (3.7 million, 2.5/4) came in third, followed by FOX (3.1 million, 1.8/3). The CW trailed with 1.2 million viewers and a 0.8/1.CBS also won the adults 18-49 crown, albeit... //

RAISING HOPE Exclusive: Watch Jimmy and Sabrina’s ‘Save the Date’ Wedding Video

RAISING HOPE’s Jimmy and Sabrina are fast on their way to their wedding, and now they can knock one thing off their list of things to do — they officially have a "save the date" taken care of! As you can see in the exclusive video below, Jimmy and Sabrina are super enthused about their [...] //

Raising Hope Season 3 Episode 12 “Lord of the Ring”

Raising Hope  season 3 episode 12 "Lord of the Ring" airs Tuesday, Jan 15 2013 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Episode synopsis:  Burt tells Jimmy  that he needs to buy Sabrina a nice engagement ring , even if she claims she doesn’t need one, so Jimmy starts volunteering for a series of exotic medical experiments to come up with the cash. Meanwhile Virginia has been pawning her engagement ring for years behind Burt’s back to pay for odds and ends. But when Jimmy visits the pawnshop and falls in love with his own mom’s ring, her secret may be out in the all-new "Lord of the Ring" episode of RAISING HOPE airing Tuesday, Jan. 15 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. READ MORE...

RAISING HOPE Pays Homage to MODERN FAMILY For a Special Wedding Episode

When RAISING HOPE creator Greg Garcia first teased that Sabrina and Jimmy’s wedding would be coming sooner versus later, he also hinted he had a very specific idea of how he wanted things to go down. "We do have an idea for a wedding episode we’re working on now that could be a lot of [...] //

Raising Hope Season 3 Episode 11 “Credit Where Credit is Due”

Raising Hope  season 3 episode 11 "Credit Where Credit is Due" airs Tuesday, Jan 8 2013 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Episode synopsis:  When Jimmy and Sabrina decide to buy a new car that will be safer for Hope, they discover that Jimmy has a rock-bottom credit score that dates back to when he was a child. Burt and Virginia confess that they had maxed out a credit card in Jimmy’s name, and plead with their bank representative Dennis (guest star Lloyd) to clear his debt, even if it means giving up their new DeLorean in the all-new "Credit Where Credit is Due" episode of RAISING HOPE airing Tuesday, Jan. 8 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Read More... //

First Look: A New Raising Hope Diamond

Jaded cashier sabrina ( Shannon Woodward ) wasn't fazed that she didn't get a fancy diamond engagement ring from her supermarket-clerk ­fiancé, Jimmy ( Lucas Neff ), in the season premiere of Raising Hope . But that will change in...  //

The best comedy TV episodes of 2012: 'New Girl,' 'Chuck' and 'Community'

2012 was a good year for comedy. The explosion of sitcoms over the past couple of years made it virtually impossible to narrow down the very best of the best, even if it I ignored the hilarity of shows like "Parks and Recreation," "Raising Hope" and "The Neighbors." (Yes, "The Neighbors." It's way funnier than people have told you.)Still, there were three episodes -- from such shows as "New Girl," "Chuck" and "Community" -- that really stood out from the sea of funny in this past year."New Girl": "Eggs"There aren't many comedies that speak to thirty-something singles. While I do find many comedies hilarious, it's tough to identify with slackers in their 20s or married couples joking their way into middle age. This isn't the case with "New Girl." As a single, not-so-young-anymore woman who hasn't totally grown up yet, I recognize these people.That's why I completely identified with everything that happened in the... //

'New Girl,' 'Hart of Dixie' and 'Raising Hope' all dress for the season

The holidays can be a little schizophrenic when it comes to fashion. Though holiday parties tend to help keep things glamorous and elegant, every other minute of the season tends to pull us toward wacky and unfortunate. It's difficult to say who's to blame. All we know is that there's a time-honored tradition of wearing sweaters that should require a permit and shirts that look like they're made of actual fruitcake. Frankly, you don't even need to have the sound on your television to know it's the season. For weeks we've been paraded a heaping handful of sartorial nuts.Aside from Halloween, there is probably not a more drastic transformation in our wardrobe than in the 24 hours spanning Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. On the Eve, we're probably trying to look our best at any last minute parties or church functions. But somewhere in the night, sugarplum fairies swoop in and put us in some... //

First Look: Christopher Lloyd Visits Raising Hope

Great Scott! Jimmy ( Lucas Neff ) gets a surprise when he goes car shopping on the Jan. 8 episode of Fox's Raising Hope . Turns out he has no credit, thanks to his parents, who maxed out cards in his name years ago. Now, in order for their son to afford a new ride, Burt ( Garret Dillahunt ) and Virginia ( Martha Plimpton ) must convince their bank rep ( Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd ) to clear Jimmy's debt. The catch: He wants their new DeLorean sports car in exchange. //

RAISING HOPE: Greg Garcia Teases ‘The Last Christmas’

RAISING HOPE hasn’t shied away from doing outrageous holiday episodes, and tonight’s Christmas installment seems like it will join the ranks of that infamy. "I wrote and directed that one," RAISING HOPE creator Greg Garcia said of tonight’s episode. "It was a fun episode. I enjoyed it very much. We find out that Martha [Plimpton]‘s [...] //