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Rake Season 1 Review “50 Shades of Gay”

This week’s episode of  Rake , titled “50 Shades of Grey”, was all about relationships and the confusion that goes along with them. Mikki and Kee topped the list with Mikki’s minute of insanity after David proposes to her. It was unexpected, but not surprising that she looked like she wanted to run away as soon as the words left his mouth. Her inevitable escape to Kee’s was hilarious as he continuously reminded her that she failed the test in between begging her to use him. These two are bound to be together at some point but the possibility is put on pause when David chases down a mugger and takes a bullet. It looks like Mikki is considering marriage now. Read More... //  

Rake Season 1 Review “Hey, Good Looking”

Chicken fights, a woman who paints with blood, a Brazilian flight dancing Bruce and trumped up murder charges summed up the latest episode of  Rake . “Hey, Good Looking” had Keegan busy dodging the press and an agry group of neighbors after he turns up as a person of interest in the death of the mayor. Ben and Scarlet are at war about what to do with Kee while their son wants to take him to show and tell. Kee’s bad fortune also has Mikki and David fighting with Mikki’s defensive side revealing her feelings for Kee. David’s happy about their first fight, but I give it just a few more episodes before he’s history. An unlucky Maddy can’t get Bruce off her lawn, even if her ex-husband could be a murderer. His dance routines and talk of juice is hilarious. All of this craziness has Maddy confessing to Kee that he was right about their relationship. Read More... //

'Rake' Recap: Fake Boobs for Justice

Rake continues to be one of the more frustrating series on television, because much like its lead Keegan Deane, it shows several moments of brilliance but as a whole fails. "Jury Tampering" once again has Keegan being a rather inconsistent character as the writers continue to not be brave enough for him to be the lousy and amoral slimeball that is being advertised. The storytelling had some funny and intriguing moments but remains unfocused and scattered. At least for one of the few times ( last week being the other one ), the case of the week actually felt like a significant part of the episode rather than something just squeezed to make it a procedural.   Read More... //

Rake Season 1 Review “Three Strikes”

This week’s episode of  Rake  was all about burning bridges and the power of threes. Following suite with the series’ signature opening, Kee usually sustains some type of physical injury within the first 10 minutes. This time it was a nail in the hand that would make most squeamish. He took it well and accepted a deal to pay his loan shark Roy $4k each week. Kee’s bad luck didn’t end there. His next meeting is with the mayor who puts a stop to a decent plea deal for what looks like all of Kee’s future clients. He’s mad about Kee and his wife which doesn’t play out well for Kee’s latest client who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time during a robbery. While all of this is going on Kee has lost his office and has been relocated to the basement by the maintenance man named Ragu. The whole situation is hilarious with Kee telling Leanne she must work over Ragu to get them a better office. Read More... //

Rake Season 1 Review “Jury Tamperer”

This week’s episode of  Rake  was all about manipulation. Kee almost fell flat on his face this week if it wasn’t for Ben. The episode gave us some insight into their friendship for the first time this season. From the beginning they didn’t make sense. After tonight you can see how they balance each other out and rally for one another. Kee tells Ben to sleep with his wife and Ben tells Kee not to sleep with his client. Especially his latest, Lucy Marks. Kee misjudged Lucy, who took him for a ride all to try and get her daughter freed from prison. Read More... //

'Rake' Recap: Marriage on Trial

On tonight's episode of Rake , Keegan defends a bigamist. The mayor's wife starts to thaw. The majority of the women in Kee's life seem to be undergoing some kind of crisis. The elusive Margaret still lingers. When we last saw Keegan, he had arrived home at his apartment to find hooker-turned-law student Mikki waiting for him. This in and of itself was a surprising turn of events since she 1) disappeared without giving him a heads up and 2) when he coincidentally encountered her on a college campus, she blew him off again--only this time in person. The other shocking event was the speeding oncoming car apparently driven by Kee's mysterious stalker, Margaret. Their history has yet to completely unfold, but we do know Keegan has a restraining order against her.  Read More... //

Rake Season 1 Review “Bigamist”

Rake  returned this week with a case involving a bigamist played by ‘Sopranos’ star Michael Imperioli. The case had Kee trying to work his magic once again for the guilty even while covered in manure. Lucky enough, the prosecution and the judge are former husband and wife, something that would only happen in the land of television. And where was Michael Imperioli throughout the episode? He lacked a presence with the showrunners playing little on his real acting talents. Even his time on the stand lacked any real excitement and the discovery of his third wife at the close of the episode. Read More... //

'Rake' Recap: There's No Accounting for Taste

On tonight's episode of Rake , Keegan "Kee" takes on a high-profile and macabre case as a favor to Ben. Someone close to Keegan goes temporarily missing. Finn entertains an overnight guest at his dad's apartment.  Read More... //

Rake Season 1 Review “Cannibal”

Rake  opened with a tense and squeamish scene! Pulling a molar out with a pair of channel locks can only be something a desperate man resorts to. Kee is definitely desperate! The scene also shows just how much Kee and his lady friend, Mikki, are toeing the line between business and an actual, personal relationship. Just when you think he can’t sink any lower into the pathetic depths – that is his life – he redeems himself by helping Ben sort out those confusing feelings of guilt, freedom and relief after his dad’s funeral. The two sit and drink while they take jabs at Ben’s late father. Read More... //

Rake Season 1 Review ‘Cancer’

Keegan’s self destruction may not work for his family and friends, but it helps his troubled clients. Kee seems to have a weakness for them. Could it be because he has a lot in common with them? In the latest episode of  Rake  it becomes all too apparent when he decides to take the case of a mother, Carol Grady, who has been lying to the world about her son’s cancer. Shaving is head, spending his insurance money and more, Kee is determined to get her off by painting her as the victim of a casino that feeds her addiction. Read More... //