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'Rake' Recap: To Beard or Not to Beard

The unevenness and drastic tonal shifts now can't just be blamed on season premiere jitters, as it was clear with the second episode of Rake , "A Close Shave." The episode struggled sorting out if Keegan Deane is supposed to be a cynical louse, if the show wants to be a procedural or quirky drama, and finding enough time for the supporting cast. The series would almost be better suited to drop the need for a "case of the week," and give more time with the stories and interactions Keegan has with the other recurring characters.   Read More... //

TV Review: Rake

Keegan Deane is a guy who just can't catch a break, mostly because he doesn't deserve one. It's all this silver-tongue lawyer can do to keep living the ''where's-the-party?'' lifestyle to which he's become accustomed but refuses to earn. He makes modest money barely working, entering guilty pleas for guilty men. Itinerant and cash strapped, he's made himself a permanent guest at his best friend's house by exploiting the man's good nature. Leave? No, he tells Ben (John Ortiz): ''That will make you feel bad about you, and I won't let you do that to yourself.'' But the checks that Deane's ass can't cash have all come due. In the opening moments of Rake , the enforcer (Omar J. Dorsey) for a bookie to whom Deane, a reckless gambling addict, owes $59,000 bashes his face and delivers an ultimatum, plus a call to change. ''Pay your debts. C'mon, Kee! Where's your dignity?!'' He might as well be speaking for almost everyone in Deane's life, from the therapist ex-wife (Miranda Otto), who dumped him for being a lying cheating narcissist, to the long-suffering secretary (Tara Summers) that Deane can't pay, or won't. Read More... //,,20778990,00.html

Rake Series Premiere Review: One Man Show

Fox's Rake isn't especially original, but hey, Greg Kinnear!  Read More... //

'Rake' Series Premiere Recap: Anti-Hero Comes to Network TV

The anti-hero has typically been the domain of cable television series. Sure, on network TV there have been shows like House , but for the most part, the major networks need to create series to appeal to a broad audience.    This typically means the absence of nuanced storytelling that is demanded for a series where the protagonist is complicated and has an obvious dark side. Typical network fare wants to have the issues all wrapped up by the end of the hour, which is why procedurals are popular, but also want to have cases that are easy to sort out the heroes and villains. FOX is trying to tread into cable television territory with its latest series Rake about a vain, gamble addicted, possibly alcoholic, broke lawyer named Keegan Deane .  Read More... //


Adapted from an Australian series of the same name by the original's creator, Peter Duncan, the new FOX series Rake (premiering Thursday) is being trumpeted as a drama while the commercials and premiere episode play closer to pure comedy. There are indeed plenty of laughs, which should come as no surprise knowing the involvement of Peter Tolan (The Larry Sanders Show, Rescue Me), but there's an undercurrent of danger that runs through the premiere. Greg Kinnear stars as Keegan Deane, a likeable lout who can't get out of his own way. He's a low-rent defense attorney who, judging from the opening hour, will be happy to help his clients but isn't about to move Heaven and Earth to do it. Read More... //

'Rake' Review: Kinnear Charms as a Screw-Up

When nothing seems to go right in Keegan Deane's life, it might seem like a burden to watch, but Emmy winner Greg Kinnear's performance makes FOX's new series  Rake worth watching.  Read More... //

Review: In FOX's 'Rake,' Greg Kinnear is bad — but only to a point

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Rake," the new FOX drama starring Greg Kinnear as a self-destructive, gambling-addicted defense attorney.   Read More... //

Excerpt: 'Rake'

Greg Kinnear stars as a troubled lawyer in this new Fox comedy.   Read More...   //

Television Review: In ‘Rake,’ on Fox, Greg Kinnear Is a Smart Ne’er-Do-Well

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