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Raven’s Home Review: Different Prize, Same Wacky Plan

Each episode of Raven’s Home is just as informative as it is delightful, and this week, the attention was on Chelsea and Levi. Every kid wants the shiniest new toy, but there is a right way and a wrong way to get it. This week Levi and Booker are on a mission to get Virtual Reality Goggles, but realize that they’ll have to earn them without their mothers’s help. What starts out as a business venture turns into a crazy scheme that not only bends the rules, but also the moral values Chelsea is trying to teach her son. It’s a short trip from bend to break if you don’t have a clear sense of what you’re doing wrong, and the cost it could have down the line. Every generation has its own ‘It’ item: the one toy, device, thingamabob, that every kid absolutely has to have. Social media has entire pages dedicated to the trends of the decade. Fidget spinners are already on this decade’s list, and now so are virtual reality goggles. They’re cool, but as evident by Raven’s laughter, they’re not $600 cool. Of course, Levi and Booker only bury themselves deeper by starting in on a conversation about what they are owed. In a contest between kids who eat for free and mothers who suffer all the delightful side effects of pregnancy for nine months, moms win. So Levi, Booker, Tess, and Nia resort to selling snacks in school for a ‘marginal markup’ after they’ve messed with the vending machine. READ MORE...

Raven’s Home Review: How a Mom Spends Girl’s Night Out

The beauty of knowing Raven Baxter before she became a mom is that we have a clear before-and-after picture of who Raven is now. In That’s So Raven, she and Chelsea were just teenagers figuring out life. Now as moms in Raven’s Home, the excitement is limited to how effective their new cleaning products are. Yes, this is actually very realistic. Thus the importance of a Mom’s Night Out. However, this being Raven’s Home, and Raven’s kids, nothing really goes right when Mom is away. Raven and Chelsea are desperately in need of a girl’s night out, but cannot find a babysitter. It is completely understandable why Raven wouldn’t trust the child who had a bucket stuck on his head to be left without a sitter. There comes a point though when a mom has to decide if she trusts her kids not to burn down the house, or at least limit the amount of damage. Raven and Chelsea really need a night out to remember who they are, and remember their dance moves. They choose to trust that the kids won’t get into too much trouble with Tessa’s mom across the hall, and them checking in now and again. The kids actually try very hard to keep their promise to their moms. They’re constantly checking themselves to stay out of any trouble. Though they do make that one big spill on the couch, that’s an honest mistake that all kids make several times over. READ MORE...

Impressions From the Ravens Home Premiere on Disney

In 2003 we all fell in love with Raven Baxter, played by Raven Simone in Thats So Raven The show lasted four years and fans were disappointed to see it go off the air. So ten years later Raven is back in a new show on the Disney Channel called Ravens Home and it premiered Friday, July 21st at 10 pm Eastern Time. For anyone who used to get up and dance to the Thats So Raven theme song, the show brings back lots of memories.The show stars the wacky pal duo of Raven (Raven Symone) and Chelsea (Annelise van  ...Read More... //