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Ravenswood Review: The Originals

Hanna was pissed when Caleb returned to Rosewood on  Pretty Little Liars   just to break up with her. Clearly, she doesn't let go of her man so easily, as she made a surprise visit in  Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 10 . So did Caleb give her more of the truth this time instead of just saying "it's complicated?" Read on to find out!  Read More... //

'Ravenswood' Season 1 Finale Recap: The Cursed Five Get Answers

In last week's episode, Caleb and Miranda visited a small chapel and found a hidden list of names made up of everyone who signed the original pact. But the names on the list did not match up with their generation of the Cursed Five. Mama Matheson was arrested for Papa Matheson's murder, but Collins got her released on bail. And Dillon told Luke that he made a deal to save himself from the curse -- a deal that meant putting Olivia in his place. In this week's season 1 finale, "My Haunted Heart," Hanna comes to town, Remy goes missing and Papa Matheson's murderer is unmasked. Read on to find out if Ravenswood continues to keep us guessing.  Read More... //

Ravenswood Season 1 Winter Finale Recap — "My Haunted Heart"

Ravenswood comes to a dramatic close tonight with Season 1, Episode 10 ("My Haunted Heart"), which is also the winter finale. We expect it to be jam packed with spooky action — not to mention some pretty intense emotions, since Hanna is back in town. We'll have a full recap up once the episode airs, but until then, here's the official synopsis of the episode to tide you over: Caleb finally has to clue Hanna in to some of what has been happening in Ravenswood when she shows up demanding to... //

Ravenswood Season 1 Review “Along Came a Spider” & “My Haunted Heart”

So, first of all, my apology to the regular readers of my  “Ravenswood”  reviews. I had a bad encounter with some winter weather which prevented me from seeing last week’s show until this week (as I don’t download stuff illegally, thank you very much), but on the plus side, you get a two-for-one review, so there’s that. I am going to assume that you wouldn’t be reading this unless you saw both shows, so here’s my take on the last two episodes of the first season, “Along Came a Spider” and “My Haunted Heart.” The big reveal was that, as many (including myself) suspected, Collins is, in fact, one of the good guys, and stepped it up big time in the clutch when basically our entire main cast was seemingly at risk of getting killed- or worse. It would seem that the redheaded woman we saw in the most recent episodes with a serious case of spider outbreak was none other than chief villain Gabriel Abaddon (Griff Furst), aka the evil preacher that Remy saw in her dreams and in the flashback earlier this season. Not sure how he was able to shape-shift into a woman, but we’ll chalk that up to things that didn’t get explained in the first season, for now. Read More... //

Ravenswood Review: Let's Make a Deal

After a terrifying nightmare that nearly killed Remy, Abadon and his  Pharrell Williams hat  steered clear of Ravenswood for the week. Instead, we finally got an answer about Dillon on  Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 9 . Unfortunately, we also watched Rochelle Matheson get arrested for the 100th time. Yo, Ravenswood police, if you're going to arrest her over and over again, why not just keep her there? Or maybe Rochelle continues to gt punished because Luke and Olivia keep escaping the grips of the pact. It does pose an interesting theory, doesn't it? Read More... //

'Ravenswood' Recap: Olivia Asks Collins for Help

In last week's episode, Remy's stay at a sleep clinic helped her get in touch with the preacher-who-must-not-be-named who haunts her dreams. But when said preacher tried to keep her trapped in a dream state, Miranda had to go in and save her. Meanwhile, Springer told Olivia that everything he did to hurt her family, he did because Dillon made him. And Caleb tried to learn more about the town's history via a book on the subject, but the only copy he could find was in the possession of the high school's history teacher.  Read More... //

Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 9 Recap — "Along Came a Spider"

Ravenswood is getting more and more complex as it heads towards the winter finale, and things should kick up a notch on Season 1, Episode 9 ("Along Came a Spider"), since it's the last episode before the finale. If Pretty Little Liars has taught us anything, it's that these writers like to go big at the end of a season. We'll have a full recap up once the episode airs, but until then, here's the official synopsis of the episode to tide you over: An arrest is made in the death of Mayor... //

Ravenswood Review: Unforeseen Forces

Remy's nightmares and sleepwalking problems hit an all time high last week when she almost stabbed her own boyfriend. Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 8 , meanwhile, featured her off to a sleep clinic where the professionals could monitor her brain activity. The only problem? I don't think those doctors specialize in the supernatural.  Read More... //

'Ravenswood' Recap: Can Miranda Save Remy?

In last week's episode, Caleb's dad came to town, causing Caleb to worry that his father would get caught up in the curse. Remy's sleep-walking turned into sleep-drawing and sleep-stabbing, so she decided to get help before she escalated to sleep-killing. And Miranda finally got her hands on her jar, only to be warned that she did not understand what would happen if she left the safety of Collins' place. In this week's episode, "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead," Caleb tries to learn more about the town's history while Miranda discovers both the consequences and benefits of destroying her jar. Meanwhile, Remy's experience at the sleep clinic could leave her trapped inside of her nightmares forever. Read on to find out if Ravenswood continues to keep us guessing.  Read More... //

Ravenswood Season 1 Review “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”

On the latest episode of “Ravenswood,” Remy decided to go all  Dream Warrior  on us, and try and confront her nightmares head on, in “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.” After stabbing her dad and nearly stabbing Luke to boot, she checked herself into a place that studies night terrors and the like and did the whole sleep study thing, while doctors monitored her. It did not go well, but it would have gone a lot worse if Miranda hadn’t managed to swoop in and save the day. So, we discovered that the man with a knife haunting Remy’s dreams had plagued her before, back when she was all of seven, and she had even drawn the pictures to prove it. However, the nightmares went away for a while, but clearly they were back in full force, and the reason was because the man in question was also the preacher who took part in the pact that Remy witnessed via flashback or whatever you want to call what she saw in a previous episode. What he wants to know is how Remy witnessed what she did, and I’m right there with him. Read More... //