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Ray Donovan's Paula Malcomson Joins Syfy's Superman Prequel Krypton

Ray Donovans dearly departed wife has booked a superfollow-up project, with Paula Malcomson signing on for a role in Syfys highly anticipatedKrypton. The Superman prequel series, premiering in 2018, follows Kal-Els grandfather (played by Cameron Cuffe) as he fights to redeem his familys honor and save his beloved world from chaos. Malcomson is set to []

Liev Schreiber on the Ray Donovan Finale and the Show's Harvey Weinstein Parallels

Its not that eerie for us because its the impetus behind a character like Ray.   ...Read More...

Ray Donovan Boss on That Huge Finale Twist Plus: Big Cast Changes Afoot?

The following post mortem contains spoilers from Sundays Ray Donovan proceed at your own peril. Over the course of five seasons, Ray Donovans title fixer has sustained multiple bullet wounds, has been stabbed several times (once with scissors) and, in at least six separate incidents, found himself on a receiving end of near-fatal beatings. []

Ray Donovan EP Talks Season 6 Move to NYC, Reflects on Polarizing Abby Arc: 'I Live With the Consequences'

Ray Donovan closes out Season 5 this Sunday (9/8c, Showtime) and one of the finales biggest spoilers is already out there:Liev Schreibers titular fixer is putting down permanent stakes in the Big Apple. Although its unclear what or who puts Ray in a permanent New York state of mind (something to do with []

Ray Donovan producer wants New York move to be insane and beautiful and obscene

Misadventure in LAs high and very low life has been the foundation of Showtimes Ray Donovan for its five years on the air. So Mondays announcement of the series renewal came with a shocker: its sixth season will take place in New York City, home to star Liev Schreiber. The relocation comes after a year...   ...Read More...

Ray Donovan Renewed for Season 6 But a 'Big' Change Is In Store

Ray Donovan has been renewed and, more importantly, relocated. Showtime announced Monday that it is bringing the Liev Schreiber fixer drama back for a sixth season, but thats only half the story. The more interesting news is that after five years in Los Angeles the series is shifting its setting to New York City. []

Ray Donovan Showrunner on Abbys Death and Frightening Decision to Kill Off a Major Character

After a season of slowly unfolding mystery, Ray Donovan finally revealed what happened the night Abby died in Sundays gutwrenching episode. In Horses, the eighth episode of Season 5, Abby (Paula Malcomson), tired of doctors and hospitals and failed treatment, takes her own life with pills and a glass of ginger ale, passing away quietly in her own home. She confides only in her daughter and her brother-in-law, leaning on them to help her follow through on her decision. She says nothing to her husband, who is away beating up people and dooming a teenager to death, trying to secure her spot in the experimental trial.   ...Read More...

Paula Malcomson On Her Big Episode of Ray Donovan and Why She Wouldn't Take a Role Like Abby Today

It has been a boys club for so, so long.   ...Read More... //

Ray Donovan Star Pooch Hall Says Real Bad Things Happen in Season 5 (Exclusive Video)

Ray Donovan star Pooch Hall says big things are on the horizon for his character, Daryll Donovan but this isnt necessarily a good thing. This was my favorite season because I feel Daryll coming into his own and creating some dark, creating some edge, creating some pandemonium and havoc, Hall told TheWrap about the fifth season for the Showtime drama that stars Liev Schreiber in the title role. Whats great about my character is, I really do love my family, but this season, whats about to happen, its going to cause me to make a choice, pick a side, no side, throw some people under the bus, the actor said.   ...Read More... //

Ray Donovan Promo: Saying Goodbye To Abby Donovan

Ray Donovan has always been grounded by his wife, Abby, but the show has been turned on its head during Ray Donovan Season 5 . Abby is no longer in the land of the living after succumbing to her illness, and it looks like Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 6 will force Ray to get accustomed to the fact that Abby will no longer be around to keep him on the straight and narrow. Watching the life fade out of someone you love must be horrible, and it's clearly going to have an affect on Hollywood's favorite fixer.  ...Read More...