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Bill Maher: Donald Trump In White House Means U.S. Got Married To The Mob

UPDATED with video: Donald Trump s White House is not a reality show, as many pundits have suggested, its the mob, Bill Maher said on HBOs Real Time . Finishing up his New Rules segment, Maher said New York City has to stop exporting its garbage to the rest of America. The infamous garbage barge, the train of sewage sent to Alabama. And worst of all, now the city's most toxic trash has been sent off to Washington D.C." as photos of President Trump, his old personal   ...Read More... http://deadline.com/2018/05/bill-maher-donald-trump-mob-don-mafia-the-godfather-scorsese-real-time-video-1202388950/

Bill Maher Tackles White House Correspondents Dinner And I Feel Pretty Critics On Real Time

UPDATED with video: Bill Maher looked at the weeks controversy at the White House Correspondents Dinner where Michelle Wolf I thought did a great job talking truth to power. These people have Groundhog Day Syndrome. Every year its Lets hire a comedian to tell jokes! And the day after its Why did we hire a comedian to tell jokes?!' The Real Time host reminded viewers he had been the comedian at the dinner in 1996. They were doing the same thing: getting mad at   ...Read More... http://deadline.com/2018/05/bill-maher-white-house-correspondents-dinner-michelle-wolf-amy-schumer-i-feel-pretty-real-time-video-1202383258/

Bill Maher Appeals for Realistic Season 2 of Roseanne': Her Disillusionment With Trump (Video)

Bill Maher confronted his dear friend Roseanne Barr about her support of President Trump, joking on Fridays Real Time, Youre a socialist! Youve been one for 30 years! What began as a cordial open letter to Barr congratulating her on the big fat success of her ABC series Roseanne and recounting their early years as friends, pivoted to Maher bringing up something he deemed important. Now its 2018 and we have to talk about Trump, Maher said.   ...Read More... https://www.thewrap.com/bill-maher-roseanne-her-disillusionment-with-trump/

Bill Maher Spars With Ronan Farrow Over #MeToo Movement

Bill Mahers HBO late night show kicked off with Ronan Farrow , author of a new book, War On Peace , and recent Pulitzer Prize-winner for his reporting on Harvey Weinstein . You have had quite a year, Maher beamed. You got the Pulitzer Prize. Are you 30 yet? I am 30, Farrow smiled. Just 30, Maher said, wistfully. Thats old in TV years, Farrow remarked. Oh, f*ck you, Maher remarked right back. Audience gasped and laughed. That off his chest, Maher complimented   ...Read More... http://deadline.com/2018/04/bill-maher-ronan-farrow-me-too-gone-too-far-donald-trump-macron-video30-is-old-in-tv-years-1202378604/

Bill Maher Asks Michael Avenatti If He Will Run For Office

Update, with video Stormy Daniels ' attorney Michael Avenatti is interested in running for office, or so it seemed on Friday night's Real Time with Bill Maher. These days you cant throw a dead cat without hitting an Avenatti TV appearance. The attorney shows up all over MSNBC and CNN, and has appeared on ABCs The View and now Mahers HBO late-night show. The celebrity lawyer is scheduled to be the guest of the Associated Press at the White House Correspondents   ...Read More... http://deadline.com/2018/04/bill-maher-michael-avenatti-run-office-donald-trump-stormy-daniels-michael-cohen-sue-video-1202373179/

Real Time': Stormy Daniels Lawyer Teases Run for Office, Still Dodges Specifics Like a Ninja

Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti might one day run for political office. Well, maybe, maybe not, but Avenatti implied its something hes thought about while speaking to Bill Maher on Friday nights episode of Real Time. As you know, theres a small matter Im presently focused on, said Avenatti when Maher asked him if he saw a future in politics.But we will see how that goes. And, Ill tell you what: if, at the end of that, you decide that makes sense for me, Ill do it! Like we said maybe, maybe not.   ...Read More... https://www.thewrap.com/real-time-stormy-daniels-lawyer-teases-run-for-office-still-promises-much-with-few-specifics/

Bill Maher Calls Trumps Syria Air Strikes Operation Desert Stormy (Video)

Bill Maher started his weekly late-night show on Friday just as the U.S. began military air strikes on Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack ordered by dictator Bashar al-Assad against civilians. I dont mean to say this raid is meant to distract from his other problems, but its called Operation Desert Stormy, the host of Real Time quipped, noting that the military action comes at the end of a week of troubles at the White House, including fallout from the 60 Minutes interview with porn star Stormy Daniels. ...Read More... https://www.thewrap.com/bill-maher-calls-trumps-syria-air-strikes-operation-desert-stormy-video/

Disappointed Bill Maher Tells Fox News Geraldo Rivera I Looked Up To You, Defends Terrible Person Laura Ingraham

Bill Maher is no fan of Geraldo Rivera , at least not anymore. That much he made clear when the Fox News correspondent appeared on HBOs Real Time With Bill Maher tonight an episode that also had Maher defending Laura Ingraham. "I want to defend Laura Ingraham," Maher said, decrying the ad boycott against Fox News "deliberately terrible person" after she tweet-slammed Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg. Really? Is that American? But the real heat was earlier   ...Read More... http://deadline.com/2018/04/bill-maher-geraldo-rivera-hbo-real-time-i-looked-up-to-you-1202360153/

Real Time': Bill Maher Defies Himself to Come Out Swinging for Kids (and Striking Teachers)

Bill Maher used the New Rules segment of Friday nights episode of Real Time to do something even he couldnt believe he was doing: advocating for kids. Specifically, Maher weighed in on the ongoing wave of teachers strikes in states like Kentucky and Oklahoma , likening underfunded schools and underpaid children to neglectful parenting. There is a revolt brewing in the teachers lounge these days, and its long overdue. #TimesUp, meet pencils down, he said.   ...Read More... https://www.thewrap.com/real-time-bill-maher-striking-teachers-kids-hbo/

Real Time': Bill Maher Mocks Conservatives Who Hate Hollywood as Jealous Haters

On Friday nights Real Time, Bill Maher ended an otherwise uneventful episode with a brutal summation of conservatives who profess hatred for Hollywood liberals: essentially, he said, theyre jealous haters who couldnt hack it in the entertainment biz. Republicans have to stop pretending they hate it when celebrities give their political opinions, Maher said during the New Rules segment ending the show. Please. Youre the party that made Reagan president. SayingIts not our fault that your celebrities are Ted Nugent, Pat Sajak and Donald Trump, Maher contrasted A-list liberals to conservative entertainers.   ...Read More... https://www.thewrap.com/real-time-bill-maher-mocks-conservatives-hate-hollywood-jealous-haters/