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Bill Maher Taunts First Lady in Faux 25 Things You Didnt Know About Me List (Video)

Bill Maher plugged Melania Trumps First Lady Faces Her Critics: My Side of the Story US Weekly cover on Friday nights Real Time but noted that they left out his favorite feature, 25 Things You Didnt Know About Me, with the FLOTUS. Although the First Ladys cover story is the real deal and US Weekly does have a recurring feature by that name, Maher had a little fun at her expense, making up a list of 25 Things as if she had shared them with the magazine. In Slovenia, I was a catalog model, which is what you call a model you order out of the catalog, said Maher, as if reading her words from the story.  ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/bill-maher-taunts-first-lady-in-faux-25-things-you-didnt-know-about-me-list/

Bill Maher Wants to Convince Ken Bone He Should Have Voted for Hillary Instead of Godzilla

Bill Maher is on a mission to convince independent voters from the 2016 presidential election that, maybe, Donald Trump wasnt the best choice for the office. And Maher is starting with the best-known independent, undecided voter of them all: Ken Bone. You are the person we the liberals need to get if we want to turn this country around, Maher told Ben during Real Time Friday night. I want to convince you that you should have voted for Hillary [Clinton] instead of Godzilla. I tell you this much, I didnt vote for Godzilla, Bone said.  ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/bill-maher-ken-bone-hillary-clinton/

Real Time With Bill Maher Renewed For Two More Seasons Through 2020 On HBO

HBO has renewed Real Time With Bill Maher for two more seasons. The deal will take the show through Season 17, scheduled for 2019 and Season 18 scheduled for 2020. It also includes Maher's 11th stand-up special on the network and a retrospective special highlighting memorable moments from Real Time 's previous seasons. "We are incredibly proud to continue our longstanding relationship with Bill Maher," said Casey Bloys, president, HBO programming. "As part of the HBO   ...Read More... //deadline.com/2017/09/real-time-with-bill-maher-renewed-two-more-seasons-through-2020-1202162760/

5 of The Biggest Controversies on Real-Time With Bill Maher

In recent times, Bill Maher upset a fair number of people by making casual use of the n-word. However, this should come as no surprise to people who have been paying close attention to his statements over the course of his career, seeing as how he seems to make controversial statements on a semi-regular basis. Here are 5 examples of some of Bill Mahers controversial statements: Compared One Direction Member to Boston Bomber In 2015, Maher welcomed Zayne Malik to his TV show. For those who are unfamiliar with Malik, he is an ex-member of One Direction who has since  ...Read More... //www.tvovermind.com/tv-news/5-biggest-controversies-real-time-bill-maher

Bill Mahers Advice to America When Trump Leaves Office: Get Everything in Writing

Bill Maher has some advice for the country once Donald Trump is no longer president: make sure to get everything in writing, no matter how trivial. Moving forward, every previously unwritten rule about the presidency must be written down, Maher said during the New Rules segment of Fridays episode of Real Time. If Donald Trump has taught us anything, its get it in writing!   ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/bill-maher-advice-to-america-after-trump-leaves-get-everything-in-writing/

Bill Maher Says GOP Is Like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Whose Job Is To Make Liberals Freak (Video)

Bill Maher has a suggestion for the Republican Party: change their symbol from the elephant to the troll. Because thats all they are now, trolls people who get off on provoking other people who are trying to have an adult conversation, the Real Time host said Friday night. There is a whole lot of mean spirited people out there and not just on social media. Maher was quick to point out that the White House, in fact, seems to have childish fights when we have so many big problems that should be getting the focus.   ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/bill-maher-gop-crazy-ex-girlfriend-make-liberals-freak/

Bill Maher: Donald Trump Capable Of Political Assassinations

Bill Maher told his startled Real Time guests tonight that he believes President Donald Trump is capable of following Vladimir Putins example by ordering political murders. The comment came during the Youtube-only Overtime segment of HBOs Real Time With Bill Maher , so wasnt seen by cable-watching viewers. Towards the end of a fairly standard-issue discussion of Trump, Russia and other news of the day, Maher turned to conservative activist Ralph Reed Jr. and asked   ...Read More... //deadline.com/2017/08/bill-maher-donald-trump-capable-political-assassinations-1202143078/

HBO: Very Good Relationship With Bill Maher Despite Recent Language Controversy TCA

HBO has a very good relationship with Bill Maher and his Real Time producers, network programming president Casey Bloys said at TCA this afternoon. This after asked, of Maher, How are the numbers doing? How long is the contract for? Are you very happy with the show? How closely is the network watching the show? Do you get a collective heart-jump-in-the-mouth moment? and Give us a sense what the notes are like all in one breath, by one TV critic. Bloys at first  ...Read More... //deadline.com/2017/07/hbo-bill-maher-good-relationship-racial-slur-tca-1202136791/

Bill Maher Says That His Use of the N-word Was "Not a Racist Mistake" Pushes Back on Ice Cube's Critique

He thinks that most people agree with him.  ...Read More... //www.vulture.com/2017/07/bill-maher-says-use-of-the-n-word-was-not-a-racist-mistake.html?utm_source=nym&utm_medium=f1&utm_campaign=feed-full

Bill Maher Lobbies for New Holiday: I Didnt Reproduce Day (Video)

Now that we have had Mothers Day and Fathers Day, Bill Maher wants to set aside this Sunday to celebrate people who are neither with a new holiday that hed like to call I Didnt Reproduce Day. The Real Time comedian made it perfectly clear during Friday nights show that he has nothing against having children because, after all, they are the leaders of tomorrow. But he thinks its time to celebrate single people with a holiday of their own. ....Read More... //www.thewrap.com/bill-maher-lobbies-for-new-holiday-i-didnt-reproduce-day/