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Reaper: "The Devil and Sam Oliver" Review

by Ahsan Haque With the chances of renewal for this cult favorite series looking grim, the writers pulled out all the stops for the final episode of the second season and have produced one of the most entertaining and hilarious hours of television this season in the process. For those who have been following Sam's season-long quest to get out of his deal with the Devil, this is where Sam finally gets his chance to challenge the Devil. It's been revealed earlier this season that in order to cancel his contract with the Devil, Sam's going to have to challenge the Devil to some form of contest and win. The real challenge for Sam is to find something he's good enough at to challenge the Devil with. There's an absolutely hilarious scene with a clarinet where Sam actually thinks that playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" is a significant demonstration of talent that is going to somehow work in defeating the Devil. It didn't help that both Ben and Sock were cheering him on thinking Sam was doing great. This sense of earnest cluelessness is something that will definitely be missed. After finally figuring out that he's really good at bouncing a quarter into a shot glass, Sam (with the help of Steve who comes back as an entry-level angel) Sam figures out the incantation needed to summon the Devil for the challenge. Things don't turn out so well the first time, as the game of quarters ends in a draw, which isn't good enough to beat the Devil. With all hope seemingly lost, Andi puts her own soul on the line and gets Sam to challenge the Devil again. With a little help from Gladys, Sam and Andi figure out that the best way to beat the Devil is to distract him with a mirror. The plan almost works, but Steve's heavenly bone-breaking intervention dashes Sam's hopes of victory. Why did Steve break Sam's hand? Apparently, it's all part of a bigger plan by the man upstairs, and that having the Devil own both Sam and Andi's souls is part of the greater good. We see Steve get his angel wings and fly away reassuring Sam that he's not alone. He's obviously won favor with God for his actions – but why? Why put Sam through all this suffering – and why drag Andi into this mess as well? Maybe some divine intervention will help get these questions answered via syndication next season. The other major development in this episode revolves around Ben, Nina and Sock. Ben's grandmother thinks that if she gets an exorcism performed on Nina, she'll be cured and be worthy of acceptance in the Gonzalez family. It's nice to finally see Ben stand up for his girlfriend, when he outright refuses the procedure. When Nina sees that she would be the cause of tearing the family apart – she agrees to the exorcism, despite the fact that she might end up getting sent back to Hell in the process. This leads to Sock opening up a farewell letter she leaves behind for Ben, and jumping into action to try and rescue her. Unfortunately, Sock is high and hallucinating from a toad inadvertently jumping into his drink. It's hilarious and touching at the same time. For a series whose future is still up in the air, the writers did a fine job in giving the show some kind of conclusion (Sam and Andi do get back together), but leave the door wide open for future seasons. Lots of unanswered questions remain, and it would be a shame not to find out where things go from here. Nevertheless, this was a very enjoyable ride for the last two seasons. Memorable characters, a very compelling storyline, and some of the funniest moments I've seen on television will be ultimately be Reaper's legacy. Rating: 9.7 Source

My Brother's Reaper--> O_O

So Nina is an assassin demon sent out to kill the spawn of the Devil, but not Sam b/c he's special. Morgan was not so lucky. He gets tricked into going over to Tony's place, which is now the headquarters for a faith he and the remaining demons came up with revolving around the dearly departed Steve as their messiah. The followers demon out about 2 minutes after Morgan shows up and rip him to shreds and partially eat him alive O_O Maybe I'm slow and I don't know about anyone else, but I didn't see that one coming. I thought they'd knock him out and leave him somewhere gross or maybe he fail miserably and shoot himself in the foot....Hope he climbs out of hell and goes all bad-ass.... I love the moment when Ben is super happy that his girlfriend is "JUST" a demon assassin and is not cheating on him. lol and o_O. Sock of course ends up with a stripper clown in the end, but that was pretty much a given b/c he's "special". Anybody weirded out by the Cult of Steve? I know I am. And I lastly, I'm completely sad we didn't get to see Ted get his butt kicked. He most certainly deserved it and I feel we missed out....

Reaper is a gem in CW's rapidly degrading shows

Let's be honest. The CW network has some of the sleaziest, morally bankrupt, soap operatic and unrealistic crap out there. Yeah, people go crazy for it. I go crazy for it. But it's fluff. I might think I'll die if it's gone, but much like junk food, once I give it some time I'll be glad its gone. I'll even grow up and get really sick of it. I'll want something with a little fiber. Getting my simile? Reaper is that healthy snack that CW should hold onto. I mean who doesn't feel a little sick after watching hours of meaningless drama from shows like 90210, Gossip Girl (i love it, but in retrospect it's pretty stupid) and One Tree Hill. Reaper, despite being based on a really crazy Hell-themed plot, has the most down to earth concepts. Morality versus sinning? Inner turmoil? Strong relationships not based on a complex web of sexual friendcest? Gimme more! I like the mix of light and dark material. I like the fact that there are deeper questions embedded in the comedic, sometimes out-landish entertainment. Reaper's only problem is that it needs to tighten and jazz up it's outlaw demon assignments and put a temporary gag on Sock (he's only good in small, small doses).

sam contracts

i balive i found a gap in the show: if sam is the devil'sson and not bot his mother and father's (the humen parents) then his soul doesn't balongs to the devil. becouse in the first season the devil said:" their naxt son soul will be mine". and now he is saying thet sam is his son. am i right , or what?


Am I blind or is there no option on this page to add it to my favorites?

yeah reaper coming back

omg its been foreve i agree tho by waiting so long u may lose alot of the audience. not me tho

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is it true?

hey can anyone tell me if its really tru tht reaper is coming back in 2009 and when exactly? pls i have to know, i love this show and it has to go on.

My Take

Ever since i lost Dead Like Me there's been a little gap in my soul,But thank god (or should i say the Devil) for bringing me Reaper,it reminds me of Dead Like Me but Reaper is totally original,great show i have to give it a 4.25/5

Reaper Rocks

Reaper just keeps getting bigger, im astounded by how its turning out,, when i first watched this i thought, cool this looks like a cool concept not the best cast but its still, ive now grown to love everyone in this show and can't get enough of it, thank god or the devil it has been renewed, for it would have been a collusl loss to what is turing out to be the greatest devil comandy of all time. Reaper Rules!!!!