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Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Reba?”

Reba was a lot of fun and it was the kind of show that allowed people to kind of get into a mixed family situation that might have been similar to their own as many people in America right now have dealt with split families. The cast have all gone their separate ways now but there was talk about doing a revival of the show and possibly bringing everyone back. Whether or not that will happen or even has a chance is hard to guess but out of all the shows that have been ended, cancelled, or otherwise dropped from their network this feels like one that might be welcomed back since the characters were all fairly easy to like and had their own distinctive quirks that made them special. Pretty much every actor on this show grew in some way during its run and went on to do something else afterward. READ MORE...

Reba McEntire to Star in Southern Gothic Soap Opera From Marc Cherry

The country queen meets the Desperate Housewives king. ...Read More... //

Reba McEntire Will Graciously Teach You How to Be Like Reba in her Master Class

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Reba McEntire Heartbreak: Ex-Husband Moves On With Her Longtime Friend [Report]

Reba McEntire and her husband, Narvel Blackstock, got a divorce after being married for over two decades. Now, just a few months after announcing their split, it is being reported that Narvel has m...   Read More... //

Reba McEntire's Costar: Reba's 'Doing Great' After Splitting With Husband Narvel Blackstock

Were you worried about Reba McEntire's divorce? Well, according to Entertainment Tonight, there's nothing to worry about- she's still in great spirits (also, why were you worried about someone you ...  Read More... //