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Reborn - Season 7 - Episode 181 - Review: "Episode 181"

Up until this point, I've tried my hand at watching longer running shows much later in their run only when I had seen earlier episodes in the franchise or read the manga in some form. With Reborn, at the 180+ mark now, and having not read the manga, I decided to give this show a whirl to see how well it can be jumped into completely cold. It must happen on a regular basis in Japan since there's always some attrition with viewership and you have to make it up somehow. The succession tests are continuing on for Lambo for the position of the Lightning Guardian and the next phase is about to start as the first generation on, a disinterested man named Lampo, is finally drawn out to set up the test. Of course, it goes awkwardly at first when Lampo shows up and Lambo can't even wake up to hear what it is. The test that he's given is one that seems pretty tame to start as they go to a theme park with all the other diminutive friends where the goal of the whole test is to simply cross it through a few of the attractions. The attractions themselves are far more dangerous than you'd initially think though as even the spinning cups whirl at an impressive speed that makes everyone in them dizzy and sick. Reborn, being the perceptive type that he seems to be, is certain that something more is going on with all of it. Read More Click Me!