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'Red Oaks' recap: 'Bar Mitzvah'

Men behave like 13-year-olds at a country club Bar Mitzvah.   Read More... //

'Red Oaks' recap: 'Swingers'

Things get screwy when David is asked to direct crude, dreadful camcorder porn.  Read More... //

'Red Oaks' recap: 'Fourth of July'

Stay for the fireworks.   Read More... //

'Red Oaks' recap: 'MDMA'

David's parents behave blissfully thanks to some 'euphoria medicine.'   Read More... //

Red Oaks Review: Amazons 1985-Set Coming-Of-Age Comedy Is A Grand Slam

A time machine is about to open later this week and I strongly suggest that you get in and take a ride back to 1985 with Red Oaks . With the whole 10-episode first season debuting on October 9 on Amazon , Red Oaks , as my video review above says, may be one of the best things the streaming service has put up since the ground breaking Transparent . Or to put it another way, the new comedy is like a long lost pre- Breakfast Club John Hughes indie franchise finally seeing the...    Read More... //

Review: Amazons Red Oaks Aims for 80s Affection, Not Satire

This new comedy manages to be of the 80s rather than about them, a startlingly authentic evocation rather than a satire or a dissection.    Read More... //

Review: Amazon goes retro with '80s-set country club comedy 'Red Oaks'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Red Oaks," the new Amazon comedy, produced by Steven Soderbergh, starring Craig Roberts, Gage Golightly, Richard Kind, Jennifer Grey, and Paul Reiser.   Read More... //


It's time to travel back to the summer of 1985 with Amazon's pilot for Red Oaks. The coming of age comedy is part of their latest  Pilot Season  and it's steeped in a tasty brew of nostalgia. Directed by David Gordon Green (Eastbound & Down) and executive produced by Steven Soderbergh, the series stars Craig Roberts (Neighbors) as David Myers, a teen figuring out life while working at a country club as a tennis instructor.  Read More... //