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Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel “Episode 3.08'' Recap

Last week’s Rehab was notable because volatile Matt had a (temporary) mellowing-out. By the end of the episode, however, he was back to his usual abrasive yet entertaining self. What’s he going to do this week? (Let’s admit it. We may dislike him, but we certainly can’t forget him.) It’s 9:15 AM, and time for the pre-shift meeting. He’s briefing the staff on being focused while Kenyon continues to look like a statue. The doors open promptly at 10:00 AM, and cue the montage of bottle blondes and plastic body parts. Sharon is getting a story from one of the VIP hosts about a 22-year-old who just married a 67-year-old woman. His name is Isaac, and it does not surprise me that he refers to her as his "sugar mama" and wants to flash off the Rolex she just bought him. That shows where his priorities are. He’s been on screen for about a minute and I already want to rid the universe of him. To Read More Click Here.

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel “Episode 3.07'' Recap

Can you believe we’re almost done with Season 3 of  Rehab ? After tonight, only three more episodes are left. Where am I going to get my fix of out of control partygoers and the neurotic staff members who have to keep them in line? When last we left, it was after witnessing a practical miracle: Matt showed a softer side and made peace with Sharon for the greater good. Yet how long will it last? As much as I hope not, I have a feeling he’ll be back grinding his axe by the first commercial break. To Read More Click Here.

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel ''Episode 3.06'' Recap

So Sharon didn't quit after all. Matt is still ticked at everyone. In other words, it's business as usual at the Hard Rock Hotel this week. Except for the part where Matt is also sleep-deprived. We open the episode with him talking about all the responsibilities he has, and how he hasn't slept in three days. He's chugging energy drinks to stay awake. At least he seems a little more social, but will that last when the caffeine wears off? Jonna has had to fly in from her native Arizona to get to work, which seems like a huge pain in her behind. Kenyon calls it  absolutely ridiculous  and I have to admit it would make more sense for her to take a job closer to where she lives. I'm sure there are reasons why she puts herself through such a commute, but at te moment, it just makes her look bad. Not a good start to the day for her, and we already know the other waitresses have it out for her. I worry about her job security. Especially when one of her cabanas is a huge bachelor party, which we know usually means trouble. To Read More  Click Here .