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'Rescue Me' honors 9/11 with timely series finale

Nearly 10 years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and little more than 7 years after its debut, FX's landmark drama "Rescue Me" concluded its run with the Sept. 7 series finale, "Ashes." The New York firefighter drama, co-conceived by Denis Leary in the aftermath of 9/11, referenced its tragic roots -- but, true to form, it was not excessively sentimental. For those of you who didn't watch, spoilers ahead... After a brief fake-out, Lou (John Scurti) was revealed to have died during the penultimate episode's fire. Tommy (Leary) does not handle this well. Riddled with guilt and worried about his growing family's future, he resigns from Ladder 62. This does not last, and he returns to his post. There aren't any eulogies for Lou or his numbered peers who died on 9/11, but Tommy does, crassly, acknowledge the unique nature of their job when speaking to a group of new recruits."This ain't a... //

'Rescue Me' Finale Alternate Endings: Two Final Scenes That Might Have Been

Before "Rescue Me" closed out its seven-season run Wednesday, it creators revealed two endings they seriously considered for the firefighter drama -- before opting for the one that made the cut. Peter Tolan and Denis Leary discussed the rejected final scenes during a panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. They were joined by several in the cast, including Stephen Pasquale, who played firefighter Sean Garrity, and Callie Thorne, who played Tommy's mistress, Sheila Keefe. We've held off on revealing what they said, until now. Here are Tolan's description of the endings that might have been, with commentary from Leary, Pasquale, and Thorne. Read More... //

RESCUE ME Series Finale “Ashes” Season 7 Episode 9

Watch a preview and check out photos of the series finale episode of  RESCUE ME  "Ashes" Season 7 Episode 9 which airs on Wednesday September 7 at 10pm. Episode Summary:  RESCUE ME  "Ashes" Season 7 Episode 9 – In the aftermath of the fire, the members of 62 truck struggle to pick up the pieces and look towards the future. Down at The Rock, the new probies receive a familiar speech and stand before a new leader. Read More... //

'Rescue Me's' Denis Leary, Peter Tolan Spill Secrets About Series in Candid, Funny Conversation

As the FX series born from 9/11 reaches its conclusion after seven seasons,  Rescue Me  co-creators  Peter Tolan  and star  Denis Leary  have much to reflect on: seven years, seven Emmy nominations (with one win for  Michael J. Fox's  guest turn) and 93 episodes mixed with high comedy and heavy drama. A conversation intended to be Tolan interviewing Leary revealed how  Rescue Me  was almost a Toronto-filmed comedy on HBO, their hopes (and fears) for the legacy of the show and what's in store for the bickering pair. Read More... //

Did Denis Leary Say Too Much About the 'Rescue Me' Finale on 'Late Night'? (VIDEO)

Denis Leary was talking about the emotions behind the final day of shooting for 'Rescue Me' on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), when he may have inadvertently let loose with a hint about the series finale. !!!POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!! "The final scene that we shot, without giving anything away, is a funeral scene," he said. That this scene exists has been seen already in previews for the finale, airing Wednesday at 10PM ET on FX. It's the next line that may be telling. Leary concluded his thought, "I was off-camera that day." Read into it what you will, but it could be a hint that Tommy Gavin may not survive the series. Or it could just be that he didn't go to this particular funeral for whatever reason, or that maybe they just scheduled shooting so that Leary wouldn't have to be in front of the camera on the last day of shooting. //

R.I.P., 'Rescue Me': a Crass, Brutal, Accurate Record of 9/11

"Rescue Me" has explored 9/11 with sorrow, a celebration of everyday courage, and lots of penis jokes -- and gotten it almost exactly right. The show ends Wednesday, just days before the 10th anniversary of the tragedy that gave it a reason to exist. Its central question was why some people died and others lived, and what the survivors owe the dead. //

'Rescue Me's' Denis Leary Spills Series Finale Secrets (Video)

It all comes to an end Wednesday night for Tommy Gavin and his fellow firefighters. FX's  Rescue Me  airs its last episode at 10 p.m., timed to the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. While star/co-creator  Denis Leary  is keeping the ending of the show close to his vest, he did recently drop some hints about what fans can expect. Among the tidbits Leary revealed is that "there's a pretty big fire towards the end."  Read More... //

Denis Leary Talks 'Rescue Me' Series Finale & His Role In The New 'Spider-Man'

The tenth anniversary of 9/11 has been something the characters on Rescue Me have anticipated with trepidation. Now that it’s hear, the show concludes its final season. Denis Leary met with the Tel... //

Rescue Me Series Finale Preview: The Epic Conclusion

Have you picked your jaw up off the floor yet? Rescue Me fans are still buzzing over the final 10 minutes of last night's emotional, suspenseful, hilarious penultimate episode . Seriously, is champagne considered alcohol? Looking ahead, the FX drama bows out next Wednesday night with "Ashes." It will focus on the men of the 62 Truck dealing with this week's fire, while a new batch of graduates from the Academy receive a speech about what's ahead. View the official trailer now: //

From a Wedding to Trapped in a Blazing Inferno on 'Rescue Me' (VIDEO)

Holy cow, how the time flies. Did your realize next week is the final episode of 'Rescue Me' (Wed., 10PM ET on FX). Kind of adds new weight to the declaration made in this episode that Colleen's wedding may be the last happy occasion the Gavins ever have together. This penultimate episode was weighted toward Colleen's big day for the bulk of it, with the tail-end setting up a terrifying and dramatic cliffhanger that will feed whatever ending the writers and producers have come up with for Tommy and the crew of Ladder 62. As 'Rescue Me' does very well, the wedding scene was the perfect blend of humor and drama, with Tommy opening it by horning his way into walking his daughter down the aisle, against the express wishes of everyone there. But when has Tommy not put his own wishes before anyone else. //