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All Hail The Return Of The Mini-Series

Every year or so, the television industry laments the impending death of a particular television format. Before Modern Family came along in 2009, they were busy reading sitcoms their last rites. Before that it was network dramas that were on the chopping block, but then the 2004 season produced Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives, seemingly saving us all from a fresh glut of reality programming. As you might have guessed, these "the sky is falling!" prognostications tend to be gross exaggerations born out of particular genres falling into ruts. However, the mini-series was good and properly dead. So dead in fact, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences decided to eliminate the supporting actor and actress in a television movie or mini-series categories all together in 2012, saving time in the Emmy broadcast and acknowledging that television’s grand mini-series tradition was fading into obscurity. Then History came along with a pair of feuding families and Jesus to pull off a miracle of near Biblical proportions by making the mini-series relevant again. READ MORE...