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    19 episodes
    • s1009e1031EU agrees on climate
    • s1009e1029Camera tracks alligator movement
    • s1009e1028S. Africa nuclear firm gets support
    • s1009e1027Nepali workshop to save wild tigers
    • s1009e1026Stars get green awards
    • s1009e1025Solar cars race across Australia
    • s1009e1022Rare marine turtles get help
    • s1009e1021Fishing industry looks to go green
    • s1009e1020Around the globe for science
    • s1009e1019Shedding light on wind energy
    • s1009e1018Elephant gives birth in tea garden
    • s1009e1017Maldives politicians submerge
    • s1009e1015Musicians promote climate campaign
    • s1009e10143 years 1 million spiders = art
    • s1009e1013Why is Greenland melting so fast?
    • s1009e1012UK energy targets will be costly
    • s1009e1007Farmers plow coal to stop warming
    • s1009e1006Galapagos in peril over warming
    • s1009e1002Green power at the drive-thru?