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  • 17 episodes
    17 episodes
    • s709e730Rooftop farm fights NYC pollution
    • s709e728Jet turbine powers new breed of car
    • s709e727Cape Cod poised for wind farm
    • s709e726Japan polar bears cool off with ice
    • s709e725Indian elephants on the rampage
    • s709e724Geyser eruption surprises scientists
    • s709e720Start-up banks on dye solar panels
    • s709e719Turning sheep poo into ship
    • s709e718Overfishing in Madagascar
    • s709e717NY cops fight eco-crime
    • s709e716Kamchatka
    • s709e715Iceland to lock up CO2 in stone
    • s709e714Jordan battles stubborn drought
    • s709e712Baby hyena makes
    • s709e711Elephants under threat in Mali
    • s709e710Britain goes green for the day
    • s709e707China preps animal rights law