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Revenge: Series Finale Review

Emily VanCamp series wraps after four seasons.  Read More... //

'Revenge' Series Finale Recap: Who Lives and Who Dies?

"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." The Revenge series finale lives up to that quote from Confucius, as by the end of it, two more people are dead. Just like it always had to happen in the series finale, Amanda and Victoria do face off in "Two Graves," and two people do pull the trigger. Plus, the final scene answers the question, "Is there life after revenge for Nolan Ross?" And a couple sails off to a happily ever after.   Read More... //

'Revenge' series finale recap: 'Two Graves'

Emily and Victoria have one final showdown.   Read More... //

Revenge Series Finale Recap: Emily and Victoria's Feud Reaches Its Fatal End

After four seasons, 88 episodes and more deaths both real and faked than you could tally with even the inkiest of red Sharpies, ABCs Revenge reached its conclusion Sunday. And just as the finales ominous title (Two Graves) suggested, not every Hamptonite survived the fateful hour. Lets cut to the chase: The two [] //

Revenge Series Finale: Death Toll Rises for Emily VanCamp and Madeline Stowes Final Showdown

(Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Sunday nights series finale of ABCs Revenge.) After four years, Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe chewed their last bit of scenery as their archenemy characters faced their final fates in the series finale of ABCs Revenge. The hour-long episode covered a lot of ground, and a lot of time, with not everyone surviving to the end. There was a lot of online speculation leading up to this finale that both Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne (VanCamp) and Victoria Grayson (Stowe) would meet their ends in the shows closing hour, as their feud was the heart of the shows story.  Read More... //

Revenge Series Finale Recap: Did Emily Thorne Get a Happy Ending?

  [WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from the series finale of ABC's Revenge . Read at your own risk.] Most people quit watching Revenge years ago, probably sometime around when time this happened . But for those who stuck it out, Sunday's series finale was when all that time and devotion was ...   Read More...   //

'Revenge' series finale: Emily and Jack fans are really happy right about now

A lot of things happened in the series finale of "Revenge." Like, a lot of things. Emily breaks out of jail, Victoria admits to burning her mother's corpse, Nolan is stabbed in the hand by a hit woman, David kills Victoria, Victoria shoots Emily (but she lives) and David eventually dies from his cancer. But the most surprising twist might just be that Emily AmandaEmily and Jack get married. Yes, after four seasons of fans wondering if #Jemily would finally be one, the two deeply troubled lovebirds expressed their love for each other in an official ceremony. In an even bigger twist, it seems as if the little boy standing next to Jack at the alter is their son. RELATED: 'Revenge' EP wanted series finale to make fans 'hurt' However, there were definitely some mixed feelings coming from "Revenge" fans during the finale. Some were all on board for the hook-up, but others wished... //

Revenge: Let's Talk About That Series Finale!

The end is here.   Read More... //

Revenge Season 4 Episode 23 Review: Two Graves

Well, that wasn't exactly how I would've written the Revenge Season Finale, but then again I wasn't asked, so, you know. A little too much saccharine and suspension of disbelief for a show that has always tried to take itself too seriously, if you ask me. (Which, okay, maybe you didn't.) Revenge Season 4 Episode 23 brought about an end to the saga of Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson. At least one of those women ended up in an actual grave.   Read More... //

Revenge Season 4 Recap: Aftermath

Now it has been revealed why Mason Treadwell is back in town on "Revenge" Season 4, Episode 21 "Aftermath." Read below for the full recap. Victoria’s dead – or is she? After the explosion at the Grayson Manor, Emily went back to the Hampton. She got news that a charred body was found in the explosion. It was difficult to identify the body, but luckily they were able to recover some teeth that matched Victoria’s dental records. With that being said, her death is now ruled suicide and to add to that, Margaux and Louise found a suicide note delivered at Margaux’s door. READ MORE...