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How Many Episodes Will Be in Revenge Season 2?

We still marvel at the fact that Revenge creator Mike Kelley is able to fit so much delicious, juicy drama into just one hour of television each week. And with the show currently in its second season, he’s only just begun! But how long will Revenge Season 2 be? Recently actress Ashley Madekwe (Ashley Davenport) answered that question for us. After a fan inquired, Ash replied saying that Season 2 will be made up of 22 action-packed eps. That’s the same amount as Season 1, for... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/t-3_RKpAQrY/how-many-episodes-will-be-in-revenge-season-2

Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: A New Character Will Take Conrad Grayson Down

Though his wife was the one who survived the plane explosion on Revenge, Conrad Grayson is just as good at getting out of trouble. But between The Initiative, Victoria, and Emily, Conrad could be in a world of hurt this season. And thanks to a new spoiler from E! News, we know Connie’s getting another enemy. "We think that Conrad Grayson is about to meet his match," the site writes. "In Episode 11, we will be introduced to a new character named Jason Prosser, who is... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/Fz-nrQUVjNA/revenge-season-2-spoiler-a-new-character-will-take-conrad-grayson-down

Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Actor Henry Czerny Reveals Details on The Initiative

Apart from their love of leather and swamplands, we don’t really know much about The Initiative on Revenge. We know Conrad Grayson laundered money to Americon Initiative, who in turn funded the terrorist downing of a plane, which Connie later pinned on David Clarke. But the organization’s definitely not out of the picture yet. In Sunday night’s episode, they busted Conrad out of jail even though he was in for a murder charge. The dominatrix-esque head of the organization,... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/_WVqamGEy2Q/revenge-season-2-spoiler-actor-henry-czerny-reveals-details-on-the-initiative

Revenge's Jack Porter vs. Daniel Grayson: Which Hamptonite Had the Best Proposal? (VIDEOS)

In the past 28 episode of Revenge, two lucky ladies have received touching marriage proposals (three if you count Conrad’s proposal, but we don’t). The first sexy socialite to pop the question was Daniel Grayson with his yacht proposal to then-girlfriend, Emily Thorne, in Season 1, Episode 15, "Commitment." Danny blindfolded Ems and took her to a private yacht, where a full orchestra was there to serenade the couple. But the plans quickly changed when a sudden... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/tOx4qGK4-P8/revenges-jack-porter-vs-daniel-grayson-which-hamptonite-had-the-best-proposal-videos

10 Things We Learned From the Revenge Season 2, Episode 7, “Exposure” Promo: Mason Treadwell’s in Big Trouble

From weddings to engagements to dead bodies, last night’s episode of Revenge was action-packed in a major way. But that’s nothing compared to next week. Mason Treadwell stumbled upon a major story, but it’s sure to put him in harm’s way. Check out our promo analysis to see what happens in Revenge Season 2, Episode 7, "Exposure." //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/eQK5O0igXwI/10-things-we-learned-from-the-revenge-season-2-episode-7-exposure-promo-mason-treadwells-in-big-trouble

Revenge Synopsis For Season 2, Episode 8, “Lineage”: Flashback Episode Reveals All Sorts of Origins!

Even though we still have three weeks until the flashback episode, like any good Revenger, we are always thinking ahead. So when ABC released the official synopsis for Season 2, Episode 8, "Lineage," we needed to share it immediately. We already know that we’ll meet 16-year-old Victoria Grayson and her ladder-climbing mother, and see Nolan Ross’s humble beginnings, but there is plenty more craziness ahead. Here’s what will go down in the Hamptons:... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/qvinTk_TS0k/revenge-synopsis-for-season-2-episode-8-lineage-flashback-episode-reveals-all-sorts-of-origins

'Revenge' 2.8 Photos: Flashbacks and Another Shooting in 'Lineage'

This time, we are going back to 2006. Victoria gets a surprise visit from her estranged mother, Emily takes her first mission under Takeda's vengeance training, Aiden and Emily meet for the first time, Nolcorp goes public, and Carl Porter gets into trouble at the docks. "Lineage" airs on Sunday, November 25 at 9pm on ABC. //www.buddytv.com/slideshows/revenge-28-photos-flashbacks-and-another-shooting-in-lineage-20491.aspx

Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Episode 8, “Lineage,” Will Be Another Flashback Episode!

We love the occasional my-mom’s-in-bed-with-a-murderer flashback just as much as the next Revenger, but Kara Wallace Clarke’s trampy memories simply aren’t enough for us. Last season, show creator, Mike Kelley, and the cast of our favorite drama gave us an entire flashback episode called "Legacy." And this season, they’re doing another one in Episode 8, "Lineage." In this episode, we’ll be introduced to a 16-year-old Victoria Grayson and... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/eGn1ucfaDto/revenge-season-2-spoiler-episode-8-lineage-will-be-another-flashback-episode

'Revenge' 2.07 Preview: Last Chance to Save Emily

As Mason Treadwell's knowledge of her past threatens to expose her secret, Emily offers the author a deal. //www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00055218.html

Revenge Exclusive: Melissa Loy on "Crazy" Wedding, Emily's Mindset, Origins Episode & More

In the words of Revenge executive producer Melissa Loy, this Sunday’s installment of is one of the ABC primetime soap’s "bigger, crazier episodes." With Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Conrad (Henry Czerny) getting re-hitched (for reasons other than love), expect the unexpected as only Revenge can deliver it. Loy also gave us intel on all the other characters stirring up drama in the Hamptons as well as a sneak peek at the upcoming origins episode airing later this month. Here's our interview with her: //www.tvfanatic.com/2012/11/revenge-exclusive-melissa-loy-on-crazy-wedding-emilys-mindset-or/