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'Revolution' Interview: EP Eric Kripke and Star Elizabeth Mitchell Tease Secrets To Be Revealed

The return of Revolution  is on the other side of the weekend and promises to be explosive. Rachel has been reunited with her family and Monroe is determined to take them out. Executive Producer Eric Kripke and star Elizabeth Mitchell spoke with reporters recently on a call about what's coming up now that the group dynamic has changed. They discuss secrets that will be revealed and how relationships will be challenged in the below edited excerpts from the interview. //

'Revolution' Video Sneak Peek: Watch the First 8 Action-Packed Minutes of 'The Stand'

The return of Revolution  is less than a week away. After a much too long hiatus, the show returns right were it left off as if the winter never happened. Miles and crew escaped from Monroe's Philadelphia headquarters, but not before Rachel gave Monroe the most dangerous weapon possible -- an amplifier. Read More... //

Revolution Clips - 1.11 "The Stand"

Revolution finally returns next Monday with the all new episode "The Stand". Monroe now has helicopters, but the rebels have the secret to restoring power for everyone and evening the odds. Will they live long enough to succeed? Tune in next Monday at 10PM Est on NBC to find out. READ MORE...

NBC announces season finale dates for 'Community,' 'Revolution,' 'Parks and Recreation' and more

NBC has announced the season finale dates for "Revolution," "Parks and Recreation," "Community," "Chicago Fire" and several other current series. //

'Arrow,' 'Revolution' Set for WonderCon

Warner Bros. TV has revealed its lineup for the March 29-31 event. //

'Revolution' midseason premiere spoilers: Eric Kripke and Elizabeth Mitchell talk Season 1 return

After a lengthy hiatus "Revolution" returns to NBC on March 25 for the remainder of Season 1 and both executive producer Eric Kripke and co-star Elizabeth Mitchell ("Lost") promise that the best is yet to come."Any time you're off the air for four months you hold your breath and you hope fans come back," Kripke says during a conference call to promote the show's return. "The break gave the writers and producers time to explore what was working on the show and what wasn't and make it better. It allowed us to make a higher quality, better series and that's the thing I have to put as my first priority. The show is better because we took the break."Although it's been four months since audiences saw the midseason finale episode "Nobody's Fault But Mine," the midseason premiere "The Stand" picks up right where the action left off. Miles (Billy Burke) and Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) finally... //

'Revolution' Webisodes: Monroe and Neville Search for Miles on 'Enemies of the State'

Revolution  may not return to your television set until March 25, but you can get your fix of the favorite show over the next few weeks. In addition to the animated webseries, Wheatley's Letters , NBC has launched a new live-action series online, Enemies of the State. //

'Revolution': First Minute of Midseason Premiere Released (Video)

The midseason return on March 25 picks up right where the drama left off last November. //

'Revolution' Exclusive Interview with Eric Kripke: 'The Second Half of the Season is Better Than the First'

Revolution season 1 returns on Monday March 25 with what is sure to be another exciting episode of the hit series. BuddyTV spoke exclusively with creator Eric Kripke at Paleyfest 2013 about where the season picks up and what fans can expect the rest of the season.  //

‘Revolution’ to Reveal What Caused the Blackout Soon

The NBC drama “Revolution” will reveal the answer to one of its basic questions--what made the power go off--early in the second half of its first season, creator Eric Kripke said Saturday night in Los Angeles. The show, set in North America 15 years after all the electricity in the world went out, resumes March 25. Its 10th episode aired Nov. 26. //