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Revolution Review: Never Making it to Idaho

So long and farewell, Revolution. After its cancellation a few weeks ago,  Revolution Season 2 Episode 22  was given the distinct privilege of being a series finale )when it was probably never designed to be one).  Surprisingly, though, it did a very good job of wrapping most of the storylines up.  Read More... //


It’s always tricky when analyzing the final episode of a show that was cancelled. After all, you can’t really blame the writers for unresolved plotlines that were purposely set up for another season – even as it’s impossible not to be frustrated knowing those plotlines will never get any resolution. And so it goes for Revolution, which certainly didn’t end its second season in the mid-crisis place Season 1 did – there were no nukes being set off. In fact, there was a great deal of wrap-up for most of Season 2’s main storylines and the hint of happy endings… if not for those last couple of minutes. Read More... //

Revolution 2.21 Review: “Memorial Day”

Revolution ’ s  penultimate episode picked up steam a bit too late after it was announced last week that the show won’t be coming back after this season. Continuing from last week, Monroe now has Neville on board which can be seen as a good thing as he’s one of the best and most ruthless fighters on the show. The downside is that he’s also insane and he has just lost his family. As the episode progresses, Monroe begins to have doubts about having Neville around. Marion, having agreed to spy on Truman for them is rightfully beginning to fear for her life the more she finds out about the Patriots’ plans. She has been trying to recruit others to help and one of them is Joe, who is working at the train station. He shows Miles, Charlie and Scanlon the train that is carrying mustard gas and there is far too much for them to neutralise. Miles can see no solution but for them to steal the train. Scanlon predictably, is spying on Miles for Monroe which is something that Miles should have spotted from the beginning. Read more... //

'Revolution' Series Finale Recap: Bromance Wins, Humanity Loses

Hmph. That is my one word response to the series finale of Revolution . I thought long and hard about how to open this recap of the final episode, entitled "Declaration of Independence," but the only thing I'm happy to declare my independence from is this show.   Read More... //

'Revolution': 15 Moments of Team Matheson and Nanotech Nonsense from the Series Finale

Season 2 of Revolution comes to an end as Monroe?s allegiance to Team Matheson is tested and we see the fallout of the nanotech?s anger. Take a look at the most notable moments from the series finale, ?Declaration of Independence.? For more on what happened, check out the recap.   Read More... //

The 20 Most Memorable Deaths from 'Revolution' Season 2

The lights may have gone out on Revolution after just two seasons , but fans will always remember it as a show filled with murder, mayhem and machetes. It was an up-and-down run, for sure, but it was never short on action. So what were the most memorable deaths of Season 2? We look back on one of the most violent shows in network television history and count them down, from notable characters to crafty methods to just plain grisly.  Read More... //

Revolution Series Finale Review: Keeping the Lights On for No Reason at All

Instead of giving us closure, the series finale opened up a new chapter that we'll never get to see.   Read More... //

Revolution Series Finale Review “Declaration of Independence”

And so  Revolution  comes to an end with “Declaration of Independence,” a series finale that clearly doesn’t want to be the end. Still, this was an episode that managed to wrap up the season’s storyline well enough, though the lack of a definitive ending leaves one wondering what could’ve been. Last week’s cliffhanger was dealt with much quicker than I would’ve imagined, with the mustard gas plan being thwarted rather easily. This didn’t stop the plan entirely though, as Red’s self-preservation led to him shooting the Texan President dead at the first chance he got. Really, this felt like a bit of condensing of the story so that Miles and the gang could take the Patriot President hostage and spring their confessional trap on the guy. Read More... //

'Revolution': 16 Moments of Trains, Truman and Trouble from 'Memorial Day'

Season 2 of Revolution continues with an attempt to save Priscilla and a looming threat to lead us into the series finale. Take a look at the most notable moments from episode 21. For more on what happened, check out the recap .   Read More... //

'Revolution' Recap: The Beginning of the End

Well, it's official. The television executive gods have spoken, and Revolution is no more. It's bittersweet news, because while it's easy to understand why this happened, the show still had its moments and a slew of likable characters (the least of whom is a murderous psychopath). We'll still get to see how things play out in the endless quest of he who hath the mustard gas maketh the rules, and on the bright side, it appears it will wrap up in series finale mode instead of a season 3 cliffhanger. I'm not sure if they filmed two separate episodes, but it appears producers saw the writing on the wall.   Read More... //