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Rex Is Not Your Lawyer Psyched for David

'Rex': Jerry O'Connell Replaces Heroes' Sendhil Ramamurthy - Featured

Sendhil Ramamurthy is no longer attached to NBC's pilot "Rex Is Not Your Lawyer" and has been replaced by Jerry O'Connell. The character which O'Connell will be tackling would be an ambitious but "good-natured" lawyer who is friends with Rex and is secretly in love with Rex's fiancee. Ramamurthy bowed out of the project because of scheduling conflicts just days after his participation was announced. According to Hollywood Reporter, Ramamurthy had made it clear that his already-running show " Heroes " will be his priority should both shows end up on NBC's schedule next season. Beside O'Connell, "Rex Is Not Your Lawyer" also stars David Tennant as top notch lawyer Rex Alexander who begins developing panic attacks. He switches job to mentor clients so that they could present themselves well during court. There are also the likes of Abigail Spencer and Jeffrey Tambor as regulars, and Lindsay Kraft and Cleo King as recurring cast. Production has been kicked off with David Semel signed to be the director of the pilot. NBC however, has not mentioned any premiere date. Source Here

Heroes Cancellation Buzz: "Everyone is expecting this to be the last season." - Featured

Here is some Heroes -related cancellation news that shouldn't be all too surprising with the way the ratings have been looking this season: With the news that star Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder) has been cast in an NBC pilot for next Fall, the future of the series as a whole has again been thrown into question. One of the lead actors in the show taking a new pilot cannot be a good sign, right? NBC reminds us that "Rex is just a pilot right now, so [Sendhil] is still on Heroes. Rex is in second position to Heroes." This means that should both his pilot get picked up and Heroes were to get another season, he would still be attached to Heroes. But - since his pilot is also an NBC show - you can kind of see just how much faith the network has in Heroes' survival. NBC probably wouldn't cast Ramamurthy in a pilot unless they seem to think he'll be needing a new show to appear in next Fall, right? Furthermore, says a source on the show, "Everyone is expecting this to be the last season. The cast, the crew, everyone." So there you have it. Source