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Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. Welcome a Boy

Sarah Michelle Gellar and husband Freddie Prinze Jr. welcomed a baby boy in Los Angeles this past week, Us Weekly reports. "Mother and baby are doing...  //

'Ringer's' Kristoffer Polaha joins 'Made in Jersey'

"Ringer's" Kristoffer Polaha is back in the ring -- as a series regular on CBS' new legal drama "Made in Jersey," TVLine reports. In "Jersey," which stars Martina Garretti as a street-smart attorney at a top New York City law firm, Polaha will play third-year associate Nolan. Now broke, Nolan hails from Manhattan's upper-crust and should be a perfect foil for Garretti's sassy Jersey girl. Kyle MacLachlan also stars as the firm's big boss. Before playing opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar in "Ringer," canceled by the CW last year after one season, Polaha also starred in the CW's short-lived "Life Unexpected.""Made in Jersey" will air Fridays at 9 p.m. on CBS beginning this fall.... //

‘Ringer’ and ‘The Secret Circle’ Cancelled by The CW

Two of the new dramas on The CW –  Ringer  and  The Secret Circle  – did not survive this latest round of renewal announcements by the network . According to a report at  TV Line , both freshman dramas have been cancelled . ‘Ringer’ starred Sarah Michelle Gellar (from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer fame) as identical twin sisters Siobhan and Bridget; the latter who is on the run from the mob and poses as the former, a presumed dead wealthy New York socialite who has a price on her head as well. Read More... //  

Top Moments: A Larger-Than-Life Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mad Men's Hilarious Fisticuffs

Our top moments of the week: 13. Most Frustrating Finale: After Ringer kept us hanging for the entire season, waiting for estranged twins Siobhan and Bridget to reunite, the twisty drama ends things with a mere close call. Ruthless gangster Bodaway finds "Bridget," who is actually Siobhan, and tries to kill her. And just when Siobhan, who has been trying to off her sister for months, appears doomed, Bridget arrives — gun conveniently in hand — to save the day. However, Bridget never sees Siobhan, mistaking her for her stepdaughter Juliet. And if the show's small audience is any indication, she never will. Read More... //

Ringer “I’m The Good Twin” Episode 23 (Season Finale)

Ringer  Ringer "I’m The Good Twin" Episode 23 airs Tuesday April 17 at 9/8c on the CW. Episode Synopsis : As the vow renewal nears, Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) realizes she first needs to tell Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) the truth about  who she really is. Meanwhile, just as Bodaway Macawi (guest star Zahn McClarnon) starts to close in on Bridget, Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) is forced off the case and Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) decides whether he should tell Bridget the truth about Siobhan. Zoey Deutch also stars. Eriq LaSalle directed the episode written by Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder.  Read More... //  

Ringer “It’s Called Improvising, Bitch!” Episode 22

Ringer  "It’s Called Improvising, Bitch!" Episode 22  airs Tuesday April 10 at 9/8c on the CW. Episode Synopsis : THE MASTERMIND BEHIND THE ATTEMPTED MURDER IS REVEALED – Catherine’s (guest star Andrea Roth) plan to drive Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) and Bridget, posing as Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar ), apart unravels. Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) discovers who wanted to kill Siobhan all along and rushes to intercept the killer before it is too late. Meanwhile, Siobhan’s plan to help Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) backfires when the main witness suddenly dies. Zoey Deutch also stars. Janice Cooke directed the episode written by Scott Nimerfro. Read More... //  

Ringer “If You’re Just An Evil Bitch Then Get Over It” Episode 20

Ringer  "If You’re Just An Evil Bitch Then Get Over It" Episode 20  airs Tuesday April 3 at 9/8c on the CW. Episode Synopsis : Still posing as Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar ), Bridget admits to Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) that someone tried to kill her months earlier and she thought it was Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd). Bridget goes to Henry’s (Kristoffer Polaha) apartment, where Siobhan overhears Bridget accuse Henry of Tyler’s (guest star Justin Bruening) murder. Meanwhile, Catherine (guest star Andrea Roth) goes to desperate extremes to bring Andrew closer to her. Roger Kumble directed the episode written by Cathryn Humphris. Read More... //  

Ringer Exclusive: Will the Two Sarah Michelle Gellars Finally Reunite Face-to-Face?

Siobhan and Bridget (both Sarah Michelle Gellar ) came face-to-face in the pilot and later in a dream, but the real-world reunion Ringer fans have been waiting for may finally come true in Tuesday's new episode. When Bridget goes to... //

Ringer “Let’s Kill Bridget” Episode 19

Ringer  "Let’s Kill Bridget" Episode  19 airs Tuesday March 27 at 9/8c on the CW. Episode Synopsis : Bridget (Sarah Michelle  Gellar) decides that the only way she will feel safe is if she testifies against Bodaway Macawi (guest star Zahn McClarnon). Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) gets suspended from the FBI, while Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) grows impatient with Siobhan’s plan and tells her she needs to let go of her  revenge  plot or they cannot be together. Ioan Gruffudd also stars. Jerry Levine directed the episode written by Jay Faerber & Robert Berens. Read More... //  

Ringer Preview and Sneak Peek: Will Bridget and Siobhan Reunite?

Andrew pulled through in this week's episode of Ringer after taking a bullet for Bridget.  While he was in the hospital, Henry got a frantic call from Juliet and accused Siobhan of hiring someone to kill her sister.  While Siobhan denied it, Henry seemed to tire of her excuses and kicked her out, also telling his father-in-law to remove his money from Martin/Charles.  Later, Siobhan managed to convince Henry to take her back, but he admitted that he was actually the one who had killed Tyler - albeit accidentally while trying to retrieve the flash drive. This week was also the episode of confessions, as Bridget came clean to Andrew about killing a man in the pilot and Juliet also told Bridget the truth about Catherine's plot.  Fortunately for Bridget, Andrew hasn't told anyone else about the murder, and fortunately for Juliet, Bridget was interrupted before being able to tell Andrew about the extortion. Read More... //