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'Ringer' Midseason Return: 5 Things to Expect From Siobhan (Video)

  Siobhan ( Sarah Michelle Gellar ) has returned to New York City. Because if she wants things done right, she has to enact her plan herself when The CW’s  Ringer  returns on Tuesday. "I think the focus largely in the first part of the season was what we call the Gemma chapter, as well as Bridget taking on her sister’s identity," series co-creator  Nicole Snyder  says. "I think the focus shifts on Siobhan and her revenge plot heavily in the second half of the season." "We just felt like the conceit of having Siobhan in Paris was perfect for the first chapter, but we wanted to amp things up," co-creator  Eric Charmelo  says. "It is just more fun playing with the 'twinning' of it all by having the two sisters in the same city simultaneously interacting and interweaving at least from one side unaware." Read More... //

Ringer Spoilers: Major Reveal to Come!

At long last, Ringer returns with a new episode tomorrow night. But fans should really be looking forward to next month , Eric Charmelo teases to TV Line. "There’s one singular incident that drove this gigantic wedge between the sisters, and we’re going to discover what that is," the producer says of a February Sweeps reveal, adding that fans will learn "why Bridget is on this path of redemption and why Siobhan is on this path of revenge." Read More... //

Ringer “It Just Got Normal” Episode 11

Ringer   "It Just Got  Normal" Episode 11 airs Tuesday January 31 at 9/8c on the CW. Episode Synopsis : Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar ) offers to host a fundraiser that her friend Greer (guest star Madchen Amick) is holding for Juliet’s (Zoey Deutch) school and discovers that Greer knew one of Siobhan’s deep dark secrets. While back in New York, Siobhan discovers that Bridget has settled into her former life more easily than Siobhan expected and she is determined to change that. Read More... //  

Ringer Sneak Peek: "It Just Got Normal"

On the official CW synopsis for "It Just Got Normal," the network teases the first new Ringer episode of 2012 as "the calm before the storm." What can fans expect from the return of Bridget and company? Look for this twin to host a fundraiser and to also discover a secret good friend Greer had been hiding about Siobhan. As for that sibling? She'll do all she can to disrupt Bridget's life, while Malcolm chooses to work for Andrew and Henry mourns the death of his wife. Check out a sneak peek at the episode now and get excited about the return of Ringer ... //

Ringer Sneak Peek: Siobhan's Scheming in New York

It's been nearly two months since we saw a new episode of Ringer .  The show entered its midseason hiatus with a few big developments: the (final) death of Gemma, the death of the duplicitous Charlie, Juliet's apparently "rape" by her teacher (although we don't know exactly what happened yet) and, of course, the return of Siobhan to New York City. Ringer finally returns on January 31 and the "dead" twin is not putting any of her scheming on hold just because she's getting progressively more pregnant and back in New York.  In a sneak peek for the episode, we see her apologizing to jilted boyfriend Tyler.  But she's even using her apology to get something from Tyler: a copy of Martin/Charles' year-end statements.  Is she hoping to expose some shady dealings by Andrew as Tyler hypothesizes, or is she trying to get her hands on some cash?  Whatever the reason, it looks like Siobhan might be heading back to her old penthouse to dig around for some information. Read More... //

A Revealing Ringer

On the Golden Globes' red carpet, Ringer 's Sarah Michelle Gellar (Bridget/Siobhan) said her Monique Lhuillier-designed dress reminded her of "an inkblot Rorschach test," and added it was so comfortable she didn't have to be "overly Spanxed." Fortunately, SMG won't have to worry about fabric at all in an upcoming episode of The CW drama for a flashback scene with... //

Ringer First Look: "Guess Who's Back In Town?" (Hint: She Looks Like Sarah Michelle Gellar!)

The bitch is back! New York City's social scene is about to get a whole lot more crowded on Ringer thanks to the return of Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar), who faked her death and... //

'Ringer' casts 'Awkward.' actress Nikki Deloach as stripper

"Awkward." actress Nikki Deloach will be working the pole on upcoming episodes of "Ringer." According to TV Guide, she'll be playing a recurring character on the show starring "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" alum Sarah Michelle Gellar.Deloach, who portrays the mother of Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) on the MTV series, has been officially cast as Shaylene, the stripper whose murder Bridget (Gellar) witnessed. We'll get to see her in flashbacks when the show returns.Deloach, who was a regular on "Days of our Lives," "North Shore" and "Windfall" and appeared in "Love and Other Drugs" will first appear in the March 6 episode of the show. "Ringer" returns Tuesday, Jan. 31 on The CW.... //

Ringer Photo Preview: "It Just Got Normal"

The bad news: Ringer does not return with new episodes until January 31. The less bad news: You can get a look at the winter premiere of this mysterious CW drama below. The episode will be titled "It Just Got Normal" and it will at least feature a fancy New York City party and a stunned Juliet. That much is made clear in the following photos, courtesy of The CW. Scroll around now and also be sure to check out the official return promo . Yes, we need to wait awhile. But we have a feeling Sarah Michelle Gellar will make the wait worthwhile... //

'Teen Wolf' casts 'Ringer,' 'Friday Night Lights' kids for multi-episode arc

In Season 1, "Teen Wolf" fans watched Scott (Tyler Posey) transform into a werewolf, facing new obstacles (and meeting a new love) along the way. In Season 2, set to air in Summer 2012, the world of Beacon Hills is going to expand quite a bit as Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) explores his new Alpha powers. That means more wolves, more love interests... and more people in danger.We've already introduced you to three new Beacon Hills teens (and a troubled father) -- and now Zap2it can exclusively confirm that MTV has cast two more kids for Season 2. Gage Golightly, who we know best as Tessa Banner, the bully at Juliet's school on "Ringer", will play Beacon High student Erica in multiple episodes. Like Tessa, Erica has a tough side to her, but in Season 2, she'll finally catch the eye of some of the boys -- and some of the wolves -- when she undergoes... //