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Rio - Rainbow Gate! Episode #05 - Review

If there's a resort that's not having economic difficulties, it's the Howard Resort which seems to be able to whip up all kinds of elaborate games for people to participate in on a whim as well as opening a brand new Sky Resort that's essentially a pyramid that's adjacent to the existing resort and casino. The place certainly must be flush with money and the area around it as well as the whole thing is quite the modern marvel with its design, colors and architectural beauty. It's easy to see why so many people would willingly work there. Of course, the girls find themselves involved with the events of getting the Sky Resort open which means heading over to check it out and meeting new people that will be working there. Having spent my fair share of time in casinos, there's definitely a lot to like here with the elaborate locales and all that's involved in it. It's big in just the right way, with some added bonuses that come from being an anime, and the girls get quite the introduction to it with a virtual reality room as well that shows off a lot of different possibilities for the area. The whole tour gets done via the Sky Resort dealer we're introduced to, Linda, who has quite an island native flair about her. She's also got something of a superior attitude in showing off 'her place' to Rio and the others, but she's able to back it up with her strength and overall sense of confidence. Read More... //www.mania.com/rio-rainbow-gate-episode-05_article_128127.html