Rise of the Machines

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Rise of the Machines

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Tuesdays, 10:00 PM EST on H2
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1 Seasons, 10 Episodes
60 Minutes
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It is 2014 and the machines have not taken over…yet. The newest, most technologically advanced series from H2™, Rise of the Machines, reveals how the inventions behind the world’s most extreme machines have enabled them to evolve beyond humanity’s wildest imagination.


Mega Truck

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Stunning CGI animation explodes open the world's biggest haul truck–the Liebherr T284–to reveal the extraordinary technology that it depends on to complete an epic multi-million dollar mission in America's highest production gold mine.The Mega Truck is taller than a two-story house, weighs 260 tons and has the pulling power of a freight train. On it's back it carries 400 tons of rock–the same weight as a loaded jumbo jet. We'll join this incredible machine and its crew high on a scorched mountainside in Nevada, where they must take on a series of colossal challenges to deliver 180,000 tons of precious gold ore. How does a defense system mimicking tornadoes help the Mega Truck survive sudden dust storms? Which century-old breakthrough in aircraft engineering means Alice can haul over 400 tons in a single load? What is the ancient Egyptian discovery that enables her to power up the steepest mountain roads?

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