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What type of bow does he use

I'm thinking I'm a big fan of Robin Hood and I love the way they made this episodes about him and I really want to get the same type of bow as he has in the series does anyone know what the type is called?

ROBIN HOOD Season 3 Finale

Take a look at a couple of sneak peek from the ROBIN HOOD Season 3 and series finale, which will air on Saturday, December 5, at 9pm on BBC America. I am a big fan of the show, and even though I felt this season wasn't as great as the previous ones mostly because of Marian's absence, I still enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to finding out how it all ends. And if you want to see the third season of Robin Hood all over again, you will be able to on January 12, 2010 when it comes out to DVD, which will include a five-disc set boasts over an hour of bonus material including behind-the-scenes features, character profiles, video diaries and more. Episode 13 (Possible Spoilers) Robin and Gisborne ride out to meet the Sheriff. He won back the Prince's patronage by securing the services of a deadly European fighting force who stand behind him now. He orders the firing of a flaming missile over the town walls with his trebuchets and tells Robin he has until dawn to surrender Nottingham and Gisborne or they'll all be annihilated. Gisborne offers to give himself up but Robin tells him this is bigger than him-it's about the future of England. The outlaws say goodbye to Allan as they place his body on a small pyre and the Sheriff's battering ram smashes through the town gates. Robin leads a team of archers to take on the invading soldiers-but the Sheriff's men keep coming. Gisborne, Robin, Archer, and the outlaws all find resolve in highly unexpected ways. Source & Video Here


SOURCE FROM BBC WEBSITE SORRY IF YOU ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THIS JUST FOUND OUT MYSELF The BBC's adaptation of Robin Hood will not return for a fourth series, it has been confirmed. The BBC One show, which starred Jonas Armstrong in the lead role, saw its ratings decline to around four million. The legendary outlaw was killed off in Saturday's finale, which was moved to BBC Two to make way for a tennis match featuring Andy Murray. A BBC spokesman said: "With the death of Robin, we feel that the show has reached its natural conclusion." Showdown Armstrong announced his intention to quit the show before the 13-part third series was screened, saying: "It's been a great thrill, a great ride, but you can't play one part forever." Producers of the drama, which was filmed on location in Hungary, kept the nature of Robin's departure a closely-guarded secret. The hero met his end in a showdown with arch-villains, the Sheriff of Nottingham - played by Keith Allen - and Guy of Gisbourne (Richard Armitage). He was murdered by a poison-tipped sword, after killing his nemesis the Sheriff. The finale's sudden move to BBC Two resulted in a peak audience of 2.2 million. The first episode of the opening series, in 2006, attracted a Saturday teatime audience of 8.6 million.

The End Has Come

There will be spoilers. Mwahahahahahaha. ************************** Spoiler divide ************************** ************************** Spoiler divide ************************** ************************** Spoiler divide ************************** ************************** Spoiler divide Yes I cried. As soon as the sheriff stabbed him the tears started flowing. I knew then the end was near. Then Isabella (the stuff nosed little son of a biscuit eating bulldog) had to run him through the back too. I just started bawling. I think Robin asking Guy about the poisoned blade took away from the death just a teensy bit but I'll live. I cried all the way through his last words that I can't even remember what they were, I do know that I started crying harder as he said them. The end with Marian was so beautiful and the way they kissed and then sort of started laughing when he took her in his arms was just so adorable. It reminded me why I was team Robin/Marian. But then the way that he slumped over looked kind of weird cause his head disappeared into his clothes... like a turtle. I didn't like the flower so much and I really think that Robin should have left Much in charge. I figured that him being the leader of some much of the fighting that he was earning that honor... no it was Archer. I would like the new Robin to be Much he'd be an awesome leader. I loved the way the last thing that Robin did was complete turn the entire castle into a huge pile of rubble. I think that if they don't decide to another season no one will complain. Well I'm sure there are people who are going to complain but I think that it would be best if they just quit while they are ahead and have this be the end forever.

they did it!

*******Spoiler************************* ************************************* ************************************************ ************************************* **************************** ************************* ************** ************************************* **************************** *************************** ************************************ they actually killed off robin hood in a show that's CALLED "Robin Hood"! unbelievable! i mean, the scene with marian was beautiful and the fact that they're united again but then again: killing off marian was their first big mistake! if the main actors want to leave the show, make a hell of a last season and let the series end with a big triumphing BANG! don't do THIS! don't kill off the main main MAIN character and still let it continue. jumping the shark BIG TIME fellas! even though i like archer i don't really get the point of continuing to watch the show with only 2 (much + john) original cast members left. that's just weird. and this series started out so good. i loved the new approach regarding the robin hood legend. it was funny, the actors were great, the story was sometimes sad, sometimes funny and always full of action. why did they have to screw this up? why...why...WHY? i cried like a baby...partly because of robin's death and partly because the writers destroyed such a marvellous show! and i wasn't even prepared for that. i honestly forgot that this show always had only 13 episodes and at first didn't realize that it was the finale...the BIG FINALE!!! to me it felt as if they had all had a meeting before writing the script of the 2 final episodes and there was a dialogue like this: "everyone who wants to leave the show, please raise your hand!" "armstrong...okay...check! armstrong number 2...okay, check! anyone else? come on, don't be shy...ah, armitage...check!...allen, check and stupid isabella-bitch, check! great, thank you very much. anyone want some coffee while we write you out of the show? but then again, it won't take see you tomorrow!" p.s. prison break (*spoiler for those who haven't seen the finale of this show yet*) --> at least had the decency to end with the death of the main character.

why Alan!?

Can someone please explain to me why all my favorite characters keep leaving the show?! First it was Will and Djaq and now Alan is dead!!!! Without so much as a "guess who's gonna die in the next episode"... if anymore of the original cast leave (excluding Robin cuz we all know this is his last season) the show won't even be worth watching anymore =(

Marian is on the cast list for the finale!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!! And THIS youtube video is crazy interesting. haha. Take a gander.

isabella=robin's new love interest?...are you kidding me??

marian, the love of his life just died and he falls in love with the wait...the second girl coming along his way? i think they're screwing too much with the actual legend of robin hood by making gisborne's sister his new love interest. i mean come on, robin is supposed to be with marian. killing her off was the first big mistake they made. letting will and djag leave was the second one. and introducing isabella as robin's new love is just wrong. how could he have gotten over marian so fast? and what the hell should he see in isabella? i'm sorry, but she's plain and much too thin and her character is pretty lame. he seems to like her from the moment he first sees her but i don't really understand why. she doesn't have marian's toughness or grace. don't get me wrong, marian was annoying sometimes, but at least there was something about her that made us understand why robin loved her. armstrong is leaving the show anyway and i would have been fine without a lovestory evolving around robin in this season. you still have the other members of the gang and they already made a start with kate, much and allan.

Guy's Sister Isabella

This is an interview with Lara Pulver the actress who will take on the role of Guy's little sister, Isabella. Here.... Her character is the next love intrest of Robin but it seems that she both looks and acts the same as Marion. Not that I blame him for falling for someone the same. The female characters in this show are awesome!

ROBIN HOOD IS BAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

season 3 ep1 just aired yesterday im still downloading it but for the people who watched comment on what you think