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Robin to leave?

Got into this very very recently, despite the wildly inaccurate costumes, language form and other inaccuracies (mainly because it's bloody brilliant anyway), and found this on the BBC website while I was snooping. I don't quite understand how a show about Robin Hood can go on without Robin Hood but I guess that remains to be seen. I have a feeling it might be going down the drain,happens with quite a few English shows that begin with a cracking start (Skins, anyone?). anyway, sorry if this has already been posted.

Robin Hood Season 3 Spoilers!

From TVGuide I have become a fan of BBC America's Robin Hood and was astounded that they killed off Maid Marion in the Season 2 finale. Do you have any scoop on a third season and if Marion (Lucy Griffiths) will return? — S.D. Mickey: The good news is that there will be a third season, which will air on BBC-A in early 2009. And while I'm not getting a specific answer to the Marion-dead-or-alive question, my RH moles tell me that Season 3 Robin is "older and tougher, hell bent on revenge," which certainly makes it sound like Marion, like Generalissimo Francisco Franco and disco, is still dead.

Scott's Quest For Robin Hood Put On Hold

I reported earlier that director Ridley Scott's next project with favorite star Russell Crowe would be revisionist film "Nottingham," which would put Crowe in the role of a sympathetic sheriff of Nottingham. Production on the film was set to start in mid-August, but it the project has been indefinitely postponed due to script concerns, location issues, and the current labor problems in Hollywood. Distributor Universal cited the "cloud of the SAG strike" as a major factor in postponing "Nottingam"'s production. As for location issues, Scott and the film's crew want the forests to be green, suggesting that even if labor issues are resolved this year, shooting could not take place until spring. Read the rest at:

Rumours of Marian's Return has said Lucy Griffiths(Lady Marian) stated in an interview with FHM Magazine in December 2007 that she "has already signed up for a third season of Sherwood Forest fun". Here is the link: The information is on the last paragraph at the top of the page. I'm sure lot's of Robin Hood fans will be delighted to know Marian is returning. I know i am. :) Please leave comments with you opinion, everybody is entitaled to one.