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ROBIN HOOD Season 3 Finale

Take a look at a couple of sneak peek from the ROBIN HOOD Season 3 and series finale, which will air on Saturday, December 5, at 9pm on BBC America. I am a big fan of the show, and even though I felt this season wasn't as great as the previous ones mostly because of Marian's absence, I still enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to finding out how it all ends. And if you want to see the third season of Robin Hood all over again, you will be able to on January 12, 2010 when it comes out to DVD, which will include a five-disc set boasts over an hour of bonus material including behind-the-scenes features, character profiles, video diaries and more. Episode 13 (Possible Spoilers) Robin and Gisborne ride out to meet the Sheriff. He won back the Prince's patronage by securing the services of a deadly European fighting force who stand behind him now. He orders the firing of a flaming missile over the town walls with his trebuchets and tells Robin he has until dawn to surrender Nottingham and Gisborne or they'll all be annihilated. Gisborne offers to give himself up but Robin tells him this is bigger than him-it's about the future of England. The outlaws say goodbye to Allan as they place his body on a small pyre and the Sheriff's battering ram smashes through the town gates. Robin leads a team of archers to take on the invading soldiers-but the Sheriff's men keep coming. Gisborne, Robin, Archer, and the outlaws all find resolve in highly unexpected ways. Source & Video Here