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Robot Chicken: The Worst of The Empire (Star Wars)

I’m not all that sure about Robot Chicken, especially now. They’re worst of the Empire series seems to be pulled from a kind of fantasy that makes sense in some regards and yet falls short in others. There’s a definite reason I don’t watch Adult Swim but a lot of others seem to enjoy it so hey, to each their own. Some folks really do get into everything it has to offer and I’ve no doubt that it can be pretty funny. But let’s see. Faking being choked by Darth Vader. It’s a nice parody but in that universe where the Force is very real despite not being believed in by anyone but the Jedi or the Sith and the few people that believe in them during the original trilogy, it’s not entirely feasible. For one dressing up like someone else wouldn’t necessarily be the best idea simply because it wouldn’t stop Vader from choking them again, and again, and again. And once he’s done with that out comes the lightsaber to dispense some rather final and unmistakable punishment. It is funny to think that enough people would be able to pull this on the dark lord of the Sith to make it possible for such a training course. READ MORE...

A Justice League Musical Presented by Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken does not do a lot of justice to the Justice League in this ridiculous musical. But it’s funnier than anything I’ve seen today so it’s passable as something that’s worth writing about. Plus the power that Superman exhibits is something that I’m sure the writers might have penciled in but I can’t think of why anyone would ever bother using it. Plus, why wouldn’t Batman go along with the Justice League in his own batjet? And finally, what in the world is going on with Lex Luthor? Do I dare even ask? Let’s go ahead and look at each video and break it down a bit. So Superman now has the power to kiss people and make them forget. When did this get mentioned? I’m not doubting it so much actually, just being grateful that it never got any play in any of the new appearances. Back in Christopher Reeves’ time it might have been deemed as okay but as of now it would have been considered something else entirely. Also, it gets a little out there since kissing the villains to make them forget doesn’t seem like it would work in the same manner as a love potion, which is what the final effect amounts to. But Lex Luthor? Solomon Grundy? Brainiac??? This gets a little out there to be honest, not to mention that the power seems to make them forget entirely that Superman is their enemy. It’s almost like his kiss has been augmented by love potion #9 or something, and he can do no wrong. READ MORE...

Robot Chicken Compilation: Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader

Thank you Robot Chicken for that great in-depth look at what Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader could look like if it was drawn up by a comedy writer. Sigh, it’s not all bad, but it’s definitely different. The people over at Robot Chicken have their own sense of humor and it’s pretty amusing for much of it but sometimes it’s enough to make a person shake their head and wonder just what their inspiration is, as in does it come in a can or plant form and how much of it do they need to start getting silly with it. Yes, I did basically ask if they were drunk or stoned when they came up with their ideas. Their ideas aren’t bad honestly but some of them did make me shake my head as to how they came up with them, like the father/son dance off versus Jango and Boba Fett. At this point I’m glad that I’m not one of the many Star Wars fans that would nitpick things to death, otherwise I’d be citing that neither Fett would be anywhere near the Death Star. You know, because Jango is long dead and Boba took a wild ride down a Sarlaac’s belly. It’d be amusing though to see the Emperor hosting a dance off just for giggles. READ MORE...

New Season of "Robot Chicken" Returns with Holiday Special December 10th on Adult Swim

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Robot Chicken Creators on How Macaulay Culkin Is Like Punxsutawney Phil

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Watch the Trailer for Robot Chicken's The Walking Dead Special

If you've ever wanted to see what The Walking Dead would look like as a stop motion comedy, here's your chance. Adult Swim's long-running animated sketch show Robot Chicken has released a trailer and set an Oct. 8 premiere date for its Walking Dead crossover special called The Robot Chicken Walking   ...Read More...   //

Robot Chicken Folks Nab The Worst Villains for New TV Show

Stoopid Buddy Studios, creators of Robot Chicken and the upcoming Netflix show Buddy Thunderstruck , has announced it will be adapting the villainous toy line The Worst into an animated TV show. Although, I dont know if theyre the worst, those baddies actually look kind of badass. ...Read More... //

Robot Chicken Takes On Walking Dead

Adult Swims pop culture-spoofing Robot Chicken will next peck at The Walking Dead. Akin to its past work with major franchises such as Star Wars and the DC Comics universe, the Emmy-winning Robot Chicken team will next join forces with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and showrunner Scott M. Gimple to deliver the extra-bloody [] //

"Robot Chicken's" Season 8 Mid-Season Premiere Airs Sunday, March 13th at 11:30pm ET/PT on Adult Swim

The Emmy Award(R)-winning series began airing in February 2005 and remains among the top-rated original series on Adult Swim.  Read More... //

The 'Robot Chicken' cast can't stop talking about 'Pretty Little Liars'

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