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Review: DirecTV's 'Rogue' is a wreck of a crime drama

Overwrought execution and overextended characters, including Thandie Newton's grim-faced cop, deal the Audience Network drama a death blow. The recent explosion of scripted dramas from outlets as disparate as History and Netflix has created such a surfeit of fine television that it's become increasingly difficult for even the most dedicated viewer to keep up. For those who already feel overwhelmed, a bit of good news: DirecTV first foray, the mob-cop thriller "Rogue," is pretty terrible, a moody, broody jumble of clich├ęd characters, pregnant pauses and sex scenes that border on the pornographic. //,0,6062668.story

Rogue: TV Review

In DirecTV's first drama, Thandie Newton comes across more escaped supermodel than undercover cop as she chases implausible Caucasian gangs in Oakland. //