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Karan Soni on Getting His Room 104 Role With 24 Hours Notice and Playing a Part That Was Not Written As Indian

The whole process was very stressful.   ...Read More... //

Episode Five of HBO's Room 104 Is a Must-Watch

Even if you skip the rest of the show, its absolutely worth taking half an hour and sitting down with The Internet.  ...Read More... //

Mark Duplass on the Rules of Writing ‘Room 104’ and Future Seasons

From co-creators Jay and Mark Duplass, the HBO half-hour anthology series Room 104 tells a different story, with every episode having its own genre and tone, for each of the assorted characters who pass through a single room of an American chain motel. The 12 episodes range from comedy to drama to horror, as they tell tales of everyday people striving for connection and meaning. While at the HBO portion of the Television Critics Association Press Tour, Collider had the opportunity to sit down with Mark Duplass to talk about what he and his brother wanted to get out of this series, when he thinks Room 104 is at its best, why he ended up writing so many of the episodes himself, designing the motel room, the rules they had to follow with each episode, getting new voices to direct, and where they see things going with the series, in the future. READ MORE...

The Duplass Brothers and Room 104: What We Know So Far

Okay, it is no secret that the Duplass brothers have the capacity to entertain some very far out ideas and concepts that find their way into their film and television projects. From what we know about their latest project, Room 104, they have definitely not let up when it comes to their ability to travel beyond what is considered normal. In fact, in the creation and production of Room 1004, the Duplass Brothers waste no time indulging their most out-there concepts. First of all to experience a hospitality comedy-drama series like this, you would have to make a call to  ...Read More... //

Room 104 Sneak Peek: The Terrors of Babysitting

Babysitting at a motel seems like a great job, right? Just you and some kid stuck in a room for who knows how long. Oh, who am I kidding? It's a freaking nightmare! If you missed my interview with Mark Duplass and Sydney Fleishman , you can read it now to get the full understanding (such that there is) on they mysteries of Room 104 The anthology series takes place in Room 104.   ...Read More...

Youll want to check into Duplass brothers wacky Room 104

Expect the unexpected when you check into HBOs Room 104. The new anthology series by brothers Mark and Jay Duplass (Togetherness, Tangerine) abandons the single-genre focus normally associated with anthologies to alternately embrace styles as diverse as horror, comedy, romance and even dance. Its Russian roulette. Spin the wheel, pull the trigger and see what... ...Read More... //

Room 104: Mark Duplass and Sydney Fleishman Dish on HBO's Curious Anthology

Room 104 premieres on HBO Friday night at 11:30 pm. That's a weird time to premiere, and an even a weirder time to air on a weekly basis, right? Not when you're talking about a show that feels like a cross of The Twilight Zone by way of Plaza Suite. When I talked with Executive Producers Mark Duplass and Sydney Fleishman at the ATX Festival this fall, they gave me the impression they embraced the weirdness behind their anthology show, and I don't expect they mind the time slot one bit.   ...Read More...

Room 104: Your Casual Dating Experience In A TV World Flooded With Choices, Says Co-Creator Mark Duplass

In this era of peak television, theres so much sh** to watch and we feel so much pressure to watch things, explained Room 104 co-creator and EP Mark Duplass , We want Room 104 to be your casual dating experience. Essentially, the Duplass brothers sought to make a series where you dont necessarily have to be committed and locked in, rather viewers can check in at their own leisure. Each show isnt connected to the next in Room 104 s12 episode run. The tone, the plot  ...Read More... //

Room 104: Mark and Jay Duplass Talk HBO's New Anthology Series

You might never be able to look at a hotel room the same way after watching  Room 104 . The new HBO series, from brothers and  Togetherness  creators  Jay  and  Mark Duplass , sets 12 episodes inside a nondescript, fairly blasé hotel room (in the middle of nowhere, America at an indeterminate time period) and tells a number of stories from a multitude of characters. Each story is completely unrelated to the previous, making this anthology series more akin to  Black Mirror  or even  The Twilight Zone  than say, the anthology series  Fargo ; you can jump in and watch any of the stories without feeing like you missed anything.  ...Read More... //

Duplass Brothers Call HBO Anthology 'Room 104' the "Tinder of Television"

"It is sort of this space of infinite possibility," Jay Duplass says of the half-hour series' wide range of genres and stand-alone stories.  ...Read More... //