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  • 31 episodes
    31 episodes
    • s2008e1219How To Look Like You’ve Lost Weight
    • s2008e1205How To Light The Hanukkah Menorah
    • s2008e1204How To Make Latkes
    • s2008e1202How To Play Dreidel
    • s2008e1119How To Avoid Giving Terrible Gifts
    • s2008e1112How To Choose A Bra That Accentuates Your Breasts
    • s2008e1108How To Choose A Pair Of Panties
    • s2008e1024How To Take A Shower
    • s2008e1022How To Take A Bath
    • s2008e1004How To Wear A Garter Belt
    • s2008e920How To Compete With A Video Game For Your Boyfriend
    • s2008e830How To Get Paid To Play Video Games
    • s2008e829How To Look Hot While Playing
    • s2008e828How To Justify Your Video Game Obsession
    • s2008e825How To Work Out To Be A Better Gamer
    • s2008e820How To Use Bobby Pins To Make Three Cute Hairstyles
    • s2008e730How To Draw A Nude Woman
    • s2008e729How To Make Money From Your Blog
    • s2008e728How To Personalize Your Tan
    • s2008e726How To Get The Perfect Suntan
    • s2008e725How To Lighten Your Hair Naturally
    • s2008e723How To Fake A Toned Body With Self-tanner
    • s2008e722How To Apply Sunscreen
    • s2008e721How To Build A Cool Sand Castle
    • s2008e710How To Start A Lemonade Stand
    • s2008e627How To Make Patriotic Popsicles
    • s2008e620How To Prevent Your Pets From Getting Overheated
    • s2008e616How To Give A Massage
    • s2008e515How To Elope
    • s2008e514How To Deal With Cold Feet Before Your Wedding
    • s2008e403How To Survive A Tax Audit