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Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen Episode #13 Anime Review

Unwound Jun has returned to his normal life, including his annoying manager at work, but it’s clear that his time with Shinku happened (as he still has the tea set). His halting advances in the past towards Saito are also all in place, as she even helps him scores some points with the bookstore chain’s head manager, who comes by to check up on the feckless jerk who runs this branch of Books Takiwa. Jun has even been invited to become a full-time helper to the acting troupe by its director. Read More... //

Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen Episode #12 Anime Review

We open with a flashback, as we see into younger Jun’s past an important scene between him and Hinaichigo, where she talks about her fear of sleeping in her case and then waking up alone and abandoned. Thus, she’s always happy when she sees Jun after waking up (this is obviously after Hinaichigo had moved into Jun’s house as we saw in the first anime series). The importance of this scene is that it is Hinaichigo’s artificial spirit, Berrybell, who has been watching over Shinku “sleep” this whole time inside of Kirakisho’s world. Read More... //

Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen Episode #11 Anime Review

As things left off last time, Unwound Jun and Kanaria had managed to break the crystal trapping them all in World Zero, revealing the big grandfather clock that is likely the key to returning them all to their worlds and out of Kirakisho’s N-Field. Kanaria goes off to get younger Jun to help while Unwound Jun and the others try get the clock to work. Younger Jun is himself on the move, trying to find the real Shinku, who was trapped by Kirakisho. He gains the Laplace Demon for a journeying companion for a while, though he doesn’t trust nor like the giant rabbit in formalwear. The rabbit demon offers the excuse for his behavior that we have heard from him before, that he is only the umpire and must remain neutral, taking no particular side. That doesn’t really help too much, since he is the umpire of a largely unfair and rotten to the core game, whose rules are, in the final analysis, repulsive. Read More... //

Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen Episode #10 Anime Review

A great deal of time this season has been spent waiting around for something to happen. Everything is happening now. Jun is trapped in the tentacle-like thorn vines of Kirakisho. The only way out of the whole screwed-up situation, he finally realizes, is to make a contract with Shinku, which would give her the power to fight Kirakisho in this world. The problem is that the other dolls know that this would be a game changer, and each of them makes their own counteroffer, other than Kirakisho who tries to force Jun to become her master, only to be thwarted by Suiseiseki at the last moment. Jun holds to his decision to choose Shinku, which leads to a fight. Read More... //

Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen Episode #09 Anime Review

In the N-Field, middle school Jun and Kanaria provide us with a bit of a comedy routine to start things off. It is disrupted by a disturbance much like an earthquake, and young Jun figures out that it’s from his parallel self summoning Kirashiko into his world. In that world, we see things pretty much as they left off last time, with the play about to begin. As one could have guessed, the content of the play mirrors Jun’s life in certain respects, concerning wanting to relive old memories and get back what was lost in the past. In an unexpected development, the prop clock Jun and Saito’s older brother built comes to life and when it strikes midnight, Kirashiko is summoned into the Unwound world. The entire Unwound World, other than Jun and the dolls, is put on pause. Read More... //

Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen Episode #08 Anime Review

It is now made more clear than ever that Kirashiko is indeed behind the new doll that Jun in the Unwound World is making. We see her white tendrils covering him, leading back to her spider web-like home. She is grinning about the prospect of joining her elder sisters in the world outside of the N-Field. It would appear the trap is soon to be sprung. Read More... //

Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen Episode #07 Anime Review

Instead of serious plot progression, we get more exposition this episode, but some of it is very necessary. We learn that Kirakisho, while she has no body, does still require a source of nourishment, and that nourishment is a human heart. We learn this from our “friend” the Laplace Demon, the strange impeccably-dressed white rabbit who serves as something of a guide to the N-Field and the Rozen Maidens. During this brief tour of the N-Field, we come across the younger Jun, trapped with nothing but a computer. This was how he communicated with his younger self and remains his only line to the outside world, where he is in contact with Michi, the owner of Kanaria, the second Rozen Maiden. We know learn how he came to be trapped here: he came into the N-Field in search of Shinku and the others, but was attacked by Kirakisho. Kanaria saved him. Now the two of them are safe, but trapped, in a region of the N-Field. Read More... //

Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen Episode #06 Anime Review

As we come to the halfway point of the season, you would think it would be somewhat unusual to engage in basic world-building exposition, but we have some more of that as Shinku and Suigintou take the time to talk about Rosa Mysticas, as both have seized one of their sisters’ soul fragments. Suigintou took Suiseiseki’s while Shinku has Hinaichigo’s, given to her before she was completely eaten by Kirashiko. Further discussion between the dolls reveals that they have a common goal in the end: to return to their world and free their masters, both of whom have been trapped by Kirashiko. Of course, before they come to this temporary truce, they need to engage in bickering and outright fighting. Read More... //

Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen Episode #05 Anime Review

A new book arrives in the mail for Jun: “The New How to Make Girls Weekly.” Shinku, however, is immediately suspicious, as she thinks it could be a trap set by Kirashiko. Jun of the Unwound Universe is very curious, but for the moment agrees to leave the book unopened. Whatever Kirashiko’s plans may be, it is another doll who will be making an appearance in the Unwound Universe first: Suigintou. Read More... //

Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen Episode #04 Anime Review

Jun’s strange dream ends with Shinku fully made, but him unfortunately drawn into the web of the Alice Game. After he wakes up, he sees completed Shinku in front of him, but she does not move. Of course, he has to wind her, which he does after a hint from Holie. Shinku calls him “the Jun who did not wind.” The two get along about as well as Jun and Shinku did in the Wind Universe, though adult Jun is more capable of standing up for himself. He goes off to work and Shinku stays at home, to see what a shabby life Jun leads in this world. When he returns, we get exposition from Shinku. It appears that Kirashiko has the upper hand in the Alice Game. Both Hinaichigo and Souseiseki are out of the game completely, while Suiseiseki and Suigintou are trapped inside of the N-Field. Shinku herself is trapped as well, but Holie was able to remove her Rosa Mystica and bring it to this temporary vessel for her. Read More... //