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RUBICON ''No Honesty in Men'' Episode 9 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of AMC’s new original series RUBICON No Honesty in Men Episode 9 which airs on Sunday September 19 at 9 pm. Episode Synopsis: Will decides to move out of his apartment. A new analyst joins the team. Katherine reaches out to Tom’s ex-wife for answers about his past. Source & Preview

Dallas Roberts Does Rubicon

The Juilliard-trained actor (who, ironically, is originally from Houston) has spent the summer swiping scenes on AMC's paranoid thriller as American Policy Institute wonk Miles Fiedler. Whether he's flirting with a coworker or fretting over a security breach, Roberts makes his character's squirreliness compelling. Rubicon's making good use of several theater veterans, including Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Michael Cristofer and August Wilson alum Roger Robinson. In that sense, it could become the new Law & Order, on which Roberts played three different guest roles over the years. He's parlaying his newfound visibility into his most high-profile role yet, as Julianna Margulies' gay brother on Season 2 of The Good Wife. Has Dallas Roberts caught your eye on Rubicon? Source Here

RUBICON (AMC) Episode 4 ''The Outsider'' - Preview

Check out a preview for AMC's new original series RUBICON Episode 4 The Outsider which airs on Sunday August 15 at 9 pm. Episode Synopsis: Truxton invites Will on a business trip to DC, leaving the team to make a very important governmental decision on their own. Katherine’s attempt to move on is derailed when she finds a suspicious voicemail on Tom’s cell phone from the day before he died. Source & Preview

Ratings: Rubicon Achieves Biggest Series Premiere in AMC History

The two-hour premiere of AMC 's conspiracy thriller Rubicon delivered 2 million viewers Sunday, making it the highest-rated series debut in the network's history. AMC previewed the series for viewers by showing the first hour of Rubicon in both June and July, immediately following the Season 3 finale of Breaking Bad and Mad Men's fourth season premiere, respectively. Following Rubicon, the second episode of Mad Men drew 2.5 million viewers, a tally on par with last week's premiere. Source Here

RUBICON (AMC) First Look

Check out a preview, some photos, and poster for AMC 's new original series Rubicon , which premieres on Sunday August 1 at 8pm with a special two-hour episode. In addition, AMC aired a special sneak peek of Rubicon late June in anticipation of the premiere, and if you haven't had a chance to catch the episode, you can watch it now below. Rubicon Synopsis: Set in the New York City based American Policy Institute (API), a federal intelligence agency, Rubicon follows Will Travers (Dale), a beleaguered and brilliant API analyst, who, when faced with a shocking tragedy, begins to uncover clues that could point to a complex and sinister conspiracy. Protagonist Will sets off on a compelling search for the truth and grapples with issues of mistrust, power, control and paranoia. With every question he asks, every clue and incriminating fact he uncovers, Will descends further into a complex world of mystery, intrigue and imminent danger. To Read More Click Here .

Watch Preview of AMC's New Drama 'Rubicon'

If you were riveted by the season finale of 'Breaking Bad' last night, you probably did what I did and stuck around to watch the special preview of 'Rubicon,' AMC's latest drama series. In vein of '70s classics like 'The Parallax View' and 'Three Days of the Condor,' 'Rubicon' is an intense conspiracy thriller that hits all the right notes. James Badge Dale, best known for '24' and 'The Pacific,' plays Will Travers, a young intelligence analyst who investigates various oddities at the Manhattan-based American Policy Institute. His life is fairly mundane -- that is, until he stumbles upon patterns in various newspaper crossword puzzles. These patters, he discovers, could be the first step towards uncovering a larger conspiracy plot that may involve some of his closest colleagues. What does it all mean? The more Will digs, the more danger he finds. Watch the full pilot preview below, then tell us: Will you watch 'Rubicon' (premiering Sun., Aug. 1) this summer? Read more