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"All's Well that Pretends Well" is the best Rugrats episode on the face of the earth!!!

I am proud to admit that I just joined this service to post this review. The episode "All's Well that Pretends Well" just so happens to be my absolute favorite Rugrats episode of all time!!! You just can't imagine how it was literally a birthday wish come true, because in 1998, I seriously thought to myself, "I wish for Angelica Pickles to get a cold!!!" right before I blew-out the candles, and low and behold, they made this episode in 1999. The only negative thing I can say about it is that it took so long for me to finally get it on tape, having seen it for the first time a good 3 years after it was supposedly released on May 23rd, 2002, recording it incompletely that day and then finally, on the date I'll never forget, March 3rd, 2003 at 3:00 P.M. I was able to record it in full on VHS. I'll never forget the 3-3-3-3 coincidence and how it came on Slime Time Live, which was perfectly appropriate! I have had it on DVD since 2005 and have watched it many times, but it is still my #1 favorite episode of Rugrats, and probably the best 12-minute cartoon show I've ever seen in my life!!! I feel blessed to have been able to record this dream-come-true of an episode and would give it a 20 out of 10 rating were it possible. Perhaps the silver lining to the 3-year delay in me seeing it was that if I'd recorded it that long ago, the audio quality would've gone out like that of my other tapes. I spent my whole high school career as a 2002 graduate hoping to someday record an episode about Angelica having a cold, often daydreaming in class about all the possible scenarios for how it would happen while still managing to graduate Cum Laude a few days after I saw it for the first time. That was the best "graduation present" I could've ever gotten, and if I'd had a trampoline I would've been bouncing 10 feet in the air that day, unable to contain my excitement or to express it with words!!! It was like music to my ears that Thursday afternoon when I heard Cheryl Chase pretending to sneeze like Angelica for the first time in Rugrat history!!! I was light-headed and on the verge of joyful tears that day when I heard my sister watching it and ran in there like a lightning bolt, demanding to know if it could possibly be true that Angelica Pickles was actually sneezing because of a cold. I just couldn't believe it at first, that after all this time, I was finally hearing what I'd only heard in my dreams!!! No one has ever understood my extreme joy and happiness over this, but like I said, it is something I'd been wanting to see since 1997, praying with each new episode that it would be about that. And it is because of the knowledge that I have discovered the #1 best episode (as well as the fact that I hate the junior high version of the show) that I completely stopped watching and recording it after that. I believe it impossible for there to be a Rugrats episode that can cause me more happiness than "All's Well that Pretends Well" because that one was my dream-come true!!! After all, what could possibly top an episode on which your favorite Rugrat has your favorite disease in the world? I have since then graduated from college, free at last from my obsessive-compulsion to record each new episode of Rugrats for this very reason. Thank you, Father in Heaven, for allowing me to live to see and record this priceless episode!!!!!!! I am a Level 7 participant on Yahoo! Answers, too!!!