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Should Rules of Engagement Be More Than a Midseason Show?

Rules of Engagement's recurring status as a midseason show is sort of like being a second-string player. "I feel like we've been discounted quite a bit," Patrick Warburton tells TVGuide.com of his CBS sitcom, which kicks off its fourth season Monday (8:30/7:30c). The show, which debuted at midseason in 2007, performed well enough to earn a full Season 2 pickup. But the writers strike cut short its season after it began in the fall a bit like being yanked from the lineup before getting a chance to shine. Then for Season 3 and this season, CBS ordered just 13 episodes to debut this deep into the TV year. So does the show deserve a starting position? Its ratings have remained consistent at various places on CBS' schedule, and its third-season viewership numbers are stronger than the averages of new comedy Accidentally on Purpose, whose timeslot Rules is taking over. Warburton acknowledges the show had difficulties as it's developed, but he thinks the show has overcome them. To Read More Click Here .

Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, March 1, 2010 - Featured

* Chuck (8/7c NBC) Talk about a pressure cooker! As if posing as the world's mot lethal assassin isn't hard enough, Chuck must prepare dinner for Hannah (Kristin Kreuk), Ellie and Awesome. Meanwhile, Sarah tries to keep her relationship with Shaw (Brandon Routh) purely professional. * The Bachelor : On the Wings of Love (8/7c ABC) Romance fans: Super Monday is here! Tenley or Vienna? Jake says he loves them both, of course, but who does he love just a little bit more? We're waiting. But before the final rose comes Caribbean frolicking and hard questions from Jake's family. And then it will have only just begun - for both gals, most likely. Last year's loser-turned-winner, Molly Malaney, will actually swap vows with Jason next week (in this time slot). Meanwhile, winner-turned-loser Melissa Rycroft is working on a 20/20 report on The Bachelor slated for two weeks from tonight. * Rules of Engagement (8:30/7:30c CBS) The series returns for a fourth season, and you'd think that by now Jeff would know better than to take advice regarding women from Russell. When Jeff tells Russell that one of his female colleagues is flirting with him, Russell tells him to flirt back. Yeah, that's going to end well. This advice comes from the man who asks Timmy (Adhir Kalyan, who is now a regular) to retrieve his phone from the apartment of a one-night stand. * The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (11:35/10:35c NBC) After nine months away from late-night, Jay Leno's back behind the desk at the Tonight Show, a move that caused quite a stir in January following NBC's decision to pull the plug on Leno's prime-time show and thereby hastening the demise of Conan O'Brien's reign as host. Tonight's guests Jamie Foxx and ski darling Lindsey Vonn are on hand to help Jay get reacquainted, and Brad Paisley is set to perform. * Two and a Half Men (9/8c CBS) Sometimes women shake their heads and laugh at the craziness that the men in their lives get into...then there's Chelsea. How is she supposed to react when Charlie goes off to Vegas and returns home...with a wife! Also returning is Chelsea's dad (Stacy Keach), who comes to visit with his new boyfriend, played by John Amos. * Little Parents, First Baby (8/7c TLC ) We were first introduced to Craig and Becky Hennon in November, when TLC aired a documentary that followed the dwarf couple as they welcomed Charlie, their average-size son, into the world. Now the new parents are the latest little people to land their own reality show, joining a lineup that includes Little People, Big World, Little Couple and Little Chocolatiers, all of which have shown us that while little people have some unique challenges, for the most part, they're just like the rest of us - just smaller. Source Here

CBS juggles Monday: Accidentally Shelved and Rules Returns - Featured

Good news for Patrick Warburton fans; disappointing news for Jenna Elfman fans. And if you have a deep affection for Jeremy Northam, this should make you happy, too. Confused? Don't be. I'm just laying out the essence of the CBS midseason juggle. On Mondays, beginning February 1, Accidentally on Purpose will be shelved... but only for a few weeks. Taking the 8:30 Monday slot will be the return of Patrick Warburton, the best thing in Rules of Engagement . That's not all. On March 31, the 8:30 slot in which Gary Unmarried airs, will be assumed by Accidentally. That's not because Gary's being canceled; it will have completed its season order by then. Meanwhile, Numb3rs is beginning its slow fade to oblivion (actually, syndication) as of now. It will be replaced on Fridays at 10 p.m. by Miami Medical as of April 2. Miami is the latest from Jerry Bruckheimer and you can expect it to receive "favored nations" treatment from CBS. They love what Jerry does for them -- Amazing Race, CSI, Cold Case, et. al. While CBS has yet to determine which of the situation comedies are coming back for next season outside of the sure things, like The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. If Rules of Engagement does markedly better than Accidentally at 8:30, that could spell doom for Jenna's sitcom. I've thought for a while that it's this year's Worst Week, but it does have one ace up its sleeve. If Billie has her baby in May sweeps, sandwiched between a Monday ratings boon of mother being named (maybe) on How I Met Your Mother, and Charlie getting married on Two and a Half Men, that might give Accidentally a lift. Maybe yes, maybe no. As for the other shows, even though Gary Unmarried has hardly been a blockbuster on Wednesday, it may get the go-head over The New Adventures of Old Christine for another season. They're about even in ratings. Source Here

Jaime Pressly to Appear on Rules of Engagement

Jaime Pressly is about to brush up on her Rules of Engagement. The Emmy winner will guest-star on an upcoming episode of the CBS comedy, TVGuide.com has confirmed. Pressly, 32, will play a possible surrogate mother for Jeff and Audrey (Patrick Warburton and Megyn Price). Executive producer Tom Hertz spoke about the former My Name is Earl star's cameo to People, which first reported her casting. "We are thrilled to have Jaime ... She is hilarious in this role and she's made a great adjustment from Jason Lee's mustache to David Spade's," he said. No air date has been announced for the episode. Rules of Engagement is scheduled to return for its fourth season sometime early next year. Source Here

CBS Orders More 'Accidentally on Purpose' - Featured

CBS has picked up 5 additional episodes of Monday-night, Jenna Elfman comedy, Accidentally on Purpose . Though the series is the lowest performer in the network's Monday night comedy block (also consisting of How I Met Your Mother , Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory ) - it has been holding its own in the ratings. From The Hollywood Reporter: "Though "Accidentally" has been the lowest-rated performer of the lineup, it has improved on retaining its How I Met Your Mother lead-in and on Monday night, hit a season high among total viewers. The less-than-full season order for the show is mainly due to CBS still having episodes of Rules of Engagement for later this season." Source

CBS Renews Rules, Gary, Christine and More - Featured

CBS announces their official Fall lineup tomorrow, but much of their schedule has already become available. The network renewed a handful of comedies today including Rules of Engagement and considered-on-the-bubble series Gary Unmarried and The New Adventures of Old Christine . The network also renewed dramas Numb3rs and Cold Case earlier in the week. We reported earlier today that unfortunately the long running procedurals Without a Trace and The Unit will not be returning, nor will freshman series Eleventh Hour . CBS has also already greenlit an NCIS spinoff, 3 additional dramas and a comedy starring Jenna Elfman. They are also likely to pickup Medium , which wasn't renewed today by NBC. Their official schedule will be revealed tomorrow. Source

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT's Sneak peek of "Dad's Visit" episode airing this Monday, March 23

Take a first look at RULES OF ENGAGEMENT's "Dad's Visit" airing this Monday, March 23 (9:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Spotted: Adhir Kalyan Dreaming of Gossip Girl - Featured

Adhir Kalyan is on CBS' Rules of Engagement starting tonight. In addition to that, he just wrapped a stint on FX 's Nip/Tuck , he's a big TV star in his native South Africa thanks to the surprise success of Aliens in America in that country and he's in all the movie comedies now playing, including Fired Up and Paul Blart: Mall Cop , but he still has a dream to dream. He wants to cozy up to the honeys on Gossip Girl . "I think that's the long-term goal for me in my career: at some point to get onto Gossip Girl and share screen time with either Blake Lively or Leighton Meester, whomever they see fit." For the record, CW execs: Adhir is totally fine with either one. "No, really, I am flexible. A rock-climbing instructor just told me so." Adhir (who is perhaps even more hilarious in real life than he is onscreen) starts a five-episode stint on Rules of Engagement tonight. Here's what he spilled to us about that story... Spotted: Adhir Kalyan Dreaming of Gossip Girl Photo courtesy of eonline.com

Ratings: Luckily, Bachelor Viewers Are Not Quite So Fickle - Featured

Monday's ratings round-up: * 8 pm/ET The two-hour season finale of The Bachelor : Flip-Flop Edition was the night's most watched program, averaging 15.45 million total viewers - the series' best audience since Bob chose Estella in November 2003. CBS' sitcombo secured second, with The Big Bang Theory holding steady at 10.94 mil and How I Met Your Mother delivering 11.08 mil. 24 's White House siege averaged 11.1 mil over its two-hour run, and gained viewers each half hour. Chuck (6.6 mil) inched up a bit from last week's all-time low. * 9 pm Two and a Half Men trailed The Bachelor with 15.42 million viewers (up 500K from its last fresh outing), while lead-out Rules of Engagement returned to 11.86 mil, which was good for third in its time slot. Heroes matched last week's 7 mil. * 10 pm Proving that car-crash television can work, The Bachelor: After the Rose drew its largest audience ever, 17.5 million viewers. CSI: Miami settled for second with 13.3 mil, down 400 thou. Medium took a big hit, slipping 14 percent to 7.28 mil. Source here

Rules of Engagement Star Previews New Season

Relationships are never easy, especially for the guys and gals of Rules of Engagement . We caught up with Patrick Warburton - who plays married man Jeff - to get the scoop on what we can expect from the couples in the new season (premieres March 2 at 9:30 pm/ET on CBS), and what David Spade is like when the cameras are off. For The Full Interview Click Here .