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Anna Vs. Anastasia and Diana, on 'Russian Dolls' (VIDEO)

This week on 'Russian Dolls' (Thu., 11PM ET on Lifetime) there was yet more cursing, more yelling and more catfighting. Can't these women ever just get along? Anna's feud with Diana bleeds over into her relationship with Anastasia and in the blink of an eye they're not friends any more. We just love the way how, as Anna and Anastasia go at it in the bathroom, Diana totally stays out of it, calmly touching up her -- frankly epic -- makeup, only to step in once the fight is basically over and conclude it in her own way. As Anna flounces out of the bathroom, Diana disappears into a cubicle amid sounds of running water, and says "Everything she just said has been flushed down the toilet!" //

Marina and Sveta Fight Over Money and Pigs in Blankets on 'Russian Dolls' (VIDEO)

Remember that fight Marina Levitis mentioned the other day on 'Good Day New York?' The one she said wasn't over, almost became physical, and involved money? We finally got to see how ugly things got between Sveta and Marina on 'Russian Dolls' (Thursdays, 11:10PM on Lifetime). Levitis and her husband own the nightclub/restaurant Rasputin, and they had a bartering agreement with Sveta and her husband, who own a jewelry store. Sveta would get service from Rasputin and Levitis would get a piece of jewelry worth $2,000. But Sveta didn't think the pigs in a blanket Rasputin served were worth the $2,000, and balked on the deal. //

'Russian Dolls' Reality Show Stirs Controversy

A mother is lecturing her 23-year-old daughter about her love life, flailing a kitchen knife above her head for emphasis. Mom's point: She'd like her immigrant daughter, from the former Soviet republic of Moldova, to marry a man with similar roots, keeping the family's East European Jewish tradition. Alas, the daughter informs mom that she's already dating a Hispanic man. But she soon dumps him, on-camera, during a restaurant date. The scene is captured in a new TV reality show called "Russian Dolls," which premiered on the Lifetime cable network in August and airs Thursdays at 11:30 p.m. EST. It's been called the Russian "Jersey Shore" or "Real Housewives," featuring six women and two men, plus colorful extras like Anna Kosov, the mother. They're all from the former Soviet Union and either live or have lived in Brooklyn's Brighton Beach neighborhood. But only two actually hail from Russia. Read More... //

'Russian Dolls' Star Previews Big Fight, Defends Show Against Backlash (VIDEO)

On 'Russian Dolls,' Lifetime gives the scandal-driven reality treatment to Brooklyn's Russian-American community in Brighton Beach. That means lots of fighting, especially on one particular upcoming episode, Marina Levitis said on 'Good Day New York' (weekdays, 9AM ET on Fox). And that doesn't make everyone in Brighton Beach very happy. "It's gonna be a very big fight," Levitis promised. "We're talking about, not physical, but almost. Very big argument, over money, over business. Very real. And this argument to this day is not resolved. We still don't speak." //

Eddie's Low Blow Sends Anna Off in Tears on 'Russian Dolls' (VIDEO)

Television can teach you things. Just like 'Jersey Shore' is teaching us -- Well, we're still not sure what we're learning from that show, but 'Russian Dolls' (Thu., 10PM ET on Lifetime) is teaching us about Russian culture. This week we learned that you do not discuss a man's financial situation. Anna cracked a joke at Eddie's expense that he didn't have any money, after he said he'd put his money on Anastasia in a fight between the two women. "Believe me, I got more money than you, you fake model," he said. "Your little modeling school with twelve-year olds is nothing." Anna runs a modeling school, so Eddie's digs hurt her particularly hard and she left in tears. //

Russians Should Be With Russians on 'Russian Dolls' (VIDEO)

The course of true love (or casual dating) never did run smooth, and apparently a Russian dating a non-Russian makes things even bumpier, according to 'Russian Dolls' (Thurs., 10PM ET on Lifetime). The new show follows the trials and tribulations of eight Russian-Americans living in Brooklyn's Brighton Beach neighborhood, but time will tell if it plans to go the way of 'Jersey Shore'. Episode one introduced us to (among others) Diana, a blonde 23 year-old who has aspirations of marrying by the time she's 25. Unfortunately for her boyfriend Paul, a Spaniard, her husband criteria seemed to be fairly narrow: Russian. //