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Samurai Flamenco Episode #22 Anime Review (Season Finale)

I could ask any multitude of questions that I have on my mind. But regardless of what I ask, it’s clear that Samurai Flamenco is an incredible show. The first half of this episode is a flashback that is simply informing us of Goto’s mindset leading up to his delusions that his girlfriend is still alive. In one scene, behind him, two girls (presumably from their high school) exchange pained looks as they watch Goto text the missing girl’s number, only referred to as “her” or “she.” Her father, dropping off the phone he keeps texting, leaves with a pained look on his face. Goto texts that to the girl and she asks, “What about you?” What about Goto? We see him throughout the series, seemingly fine now. But in his high school years, he holds the same pained expressed her father did. In truth, he may never recover and the last scene solidifies that. It’s up to Masayoshi and Goto to heal. Read More... //

Samurai Flamenco Episode #21 Anime Review

What is love? It’s likely a question we’ve only been asking since 1996, but it’ll never really be answered. As Ishihara says, love is different for every single person and there’s no way to quantify something like that. So we realize that, even though Masayoshi loves so much his superheroes and his master, he has never loved a person the way his mother loved his father. This manifestation of love—or lack thereof, I should say—is what Masayoshi is really missing to complete his superhero persona according to Joji. Read More... //

Samurai Flamenco Episode #20 Anime Review

The universe said that the world is in peace now. Normally, this sentence would be ridiculous, but it’s just another day in Samurai Flamenco. More absurd things have been said and have happened. Now, I’ve talked about this before, but with a show that’s so dedicated to its theme, I have to bring it up again, because it hasn’t been this prescient in a while. I’m, of course, talking about what it means to be a hero. Masayoshi—or Samurai Flamenco, if you prefer—has found himself in a weird spot. He’s the apparent first World Government President, but no other mention aside from the fact that he’s favored to win is given. The problem is that Samurai Flamenco is a hero. Heroes are meant to fight villains. No villains are to be had, and that’s the path that Masayoshi’s taken. Read More... //

Samurai Flamenco Episode #19 Anime Review

Samurai Flamenco really just had one big mystery left under its hood, and four episodes to delve into that. So, of course, something else is going to be revealed to really shake things up before those four episodes are up. Sure, it took 20 minutes into this episode, but it happened. The mystery is Goto’s girlfriend, who he’s been texting since episode one, but we’ve never seen. The truth behind the masks people build up for themselves is always sad, and Samurai Flamenco is no exception. Read More... //

Samurai Flamenco Episode #18 Anime Review

Last we left Samurai Flamenco and his Flamenco pals, they had just defeated the Prime Minister of Japan and the other hero that helped them, Mr. Justice, revealed himself to be Alien Flamenco, an alien. So yeah. I can’t make this stuff up. In the inevitable fight to come, Alien Flamenco and Samurai Flamenco duke it out in the most epic way possible: on the moon. But they, of course, didn’t forget to have a talking scene between the two that seemed to espouse evolution. It was actually quite interesting to hear Alien Flamenco say that the end point of evolution was a single, united being (thus harboring peace in the world). The single united being thing reminded me of the Geth of Mass Effect fame, as Alien Flamenco was actually five billion Alien Flamencos. Read More... //

Samurai Flamenco Episode #17 Anime Review

Samurai Flamenco continues to just pack on twist upon twist upon twist and it just seems to work somehow. I really can’t quite explain why it works so well for me, because just throwing twists at you because they’re twists typically doesn’t work. Perhaps it’s the inherently silly nature of the show, but Sam Flam’s twists always seem ridiculously genuine and I always love seeing what’s going to come next because literally no one is going to guess exactly what it’s going to be. This episode, we finally square off with the Prime Minister and he’s even got a power suit to fight them with. “Them,” of course, is Masayoshi, Goto, the Flamenco Girls, and Harazuka. To see them all together again was really, really cool and called back to before the Flamengers were created. It was a much simpler time back then. Read More... //

Samurai Flamenco Episode #16 Anime Review

I’ve touted Samurai Flamenco over and over again for its insistence to have every single episode bring home the same theme. The plot has, honestly, been all over the place but the theme is always there. “That’s an order from the Prime Minister.” It’s people like the Prime Minister that bring home this theme so well because he’s not just a one dimensional villain. King Torture and From Beyond were great evil characters, but they weren’t great villains. They challenged our heroes to think of new ways and to do new things, but they were relatively two-dimensional. But the Prime Minister has his priorities straight. He will use anything and anyone to get to the next election (quite a nice commentary on the electoral process, I might add) and the Flamengers are just one in a line of victims on his road to power. And that’s all he really is, power hungry. But it’s extremely believable and astoundingly compelling to watch. Especially that time that he blasted Flamen Blue into the ground last episode. Read More... //

Samurai Flamenco Episode #15 Anime Review

Every time Samurai Flamenco feels like it’s falling off the rails, something happens in that climactic episode that proves all the naysayers wrong. Since the introduction of the Flamengers, feelings have been more mixed than ever on Samurai Flamenco with everyone I know questioning whether this entertainment will really live up to the ideas its touting. This week, we reach the conclusion of the From Beyond arc (at least it appears that way) and everything that was put into question culminates beautifully. Beyond Flamenco, Samurai Flamenco/Flamen Red’s “brother,” appeared last episode in a cliffhanger for the ages and explained that he is the spokesperson for the conglomerate of From Beyond. Read More... //

Samurai Flamenco Episode #14 Anime Review

Throughout the course of the show, Samurai Flamenco has asked us what it means to be a hero. It’s a good question for a superhero show, and Sam Flam is constantly throwing new ideas and new situations where being a hero means different things. Underneath it all, Masayoshi’s definition of being a hero has been simple: Do justice. The just thing to do in his situation is to inform the entire populace of Japan that they are in grave danger. As he rightfully should! The political workings that are going on behind the scenes are reprehensible and Masayoshi should do everything he can to point those out (though Joji seems to be of a different mind, but I digress). Masayoshi doesn’t try to save his friends and family by taking them to a shelter, he wants to save Japan. Anji Kuroki, Flamen Black, quietly says that he saved his grandfather after everyone else said they didn’t save anyone. Masayoshi just gives him the perfect look of “It’s ok. This is your family.” even though he chose not to save anyone in that manner. Read More... //

Samurai Flamenco Episode #13 Anime Review

In a show like Power Rangers, it’s alright for them to win every fight. But Samurai Flamenco is a little more sophisticated and attacks from From Beyond are down since their initial attack. But according to Hekiru Midorikawa, or Flamen Green if you prefer, there’s 65,536 members of From Beyond and the Flamengers have only beaten 12 of them. Based on the episode’s title and remaining episode count, a big fight is coming and the Flamengers are on the defensive. Their initial plan is to turn and run. But with one line, Masayoshi turns their entire demeanor around. This is the true mark of a leader and really showcases just how much the team has grown to trust Masayoshi as Flamen Red. But being the leader comes with a lot of responsibilities. To Masayoshi, the lives of the entirety of Japan are on his shoulders and, while he is definitively leader now, he seems to want to take it all on himself. We’ve seen him be pushed and pushed and pushed to take on the responsibilities of the leader, but there has to be some give in his take. The other four rangers have their specialties, but that’s not all they’re for. Masayoshi, likely, will need to learn to lean on them more than he already does for this team to really be a team. As Joji says earlier in the episode, one individual shouldn’t make all the decisions for the team. Read More... //