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Samurai Flamenco Episode #07 Anime Review

A girl walks through a creepy alleyway, clearly setting up for Sam Flam to save the day. What transpires next is the most atrocious and offensive thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life…And by that I mean it was hilarious, not offensive, and not atrocious. Because the creepy clearly-parody-of-rapper-or-that-sort-of-person walks up to the lady—clearly creeped out by the guy “stalking” her—and says that she dropped her handkerchief. Flamenco Girl lashes out at Sam Flam, saying that he’s saving TOO MANY people, so there’s not any more crime to fight. It’s a great flip of the typical expectations of a superhero, which Mari is not. Mari is a YouTube phenomenon and Masayoshi is a superhero. However, Mari has more qualities of a hero (or at least vigilante crime fighter) and Masayoshi is the original YouTube phenomenon. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/11/22/samurai-flamenco-episode-07-anime-review/