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Beginner's Guide to Anime Part 3

If you're a beginner to the world of anime or still on the fence about it (even after reading part 1 and part 2 of my previous articles) then you've come to the right place! All it takes is one remarkable show to get sucked into the amazing world of anime! So whether you like your shows soft hearted or serious, funny or full of action, one of the five shows below is sure to get you hooked. Inuyasha & Inuyasha The Final Act Inuyasha is one of the mainstays of the anime world. The story revolves around half demon Inuyasha and his quest to collect the shards of a sacred jewel shattered by Japanese high school student Kagome. Watching the magical misadventures of these two as they fight demons alongside allies like Shippo the fox boy, Kirara the nekomata (cat-like creature with magical powers), and Miroku the monk is totally addictive. Between the original series, Inuyasha The Final Act , and four movies, this series has everything a beginner to anime could ask for. Your Lie In April If you want to watch an anime that will make you cry it's this one. Telling the story of a piano prodigy who stops playing after the death of his mother, Your Lie in April evolves into a heartwarming tale of music, love, and what it truly means to be happy. Though it does send you on an emotional roller coaster, this anime is uplifting and universally lauded for its incredible storyline. Crayon Shin-Chan If you want to kick back and laugh, Crayon Shin-Chan (commonly referred to as simply Shin-Chan) is the right anime for you. Telling the story of a young and often quite profane little boy, this definitely isn't an intellectual anime. This anime is filled with crude moments and perverted jokes but it's cult status as an incredibly popular anime is well deserved. It is hands-down one of the funniest anime I've ever seen (perhaps only exceeded by Baka and Test ) and 100% worth checking out if you could use a laugh. 
 Samurai Jack If you've watched Cartoon Network sometime over the last two decades there is no way that you've never heard of this show. Recently revived for one final season that was met with incredible reviews, this show tells the story of a Samurai flung into the future by the evil demon Aku. Though this show's status as an anime or cartoon is often disputed by hardcore fans, the quality of this series is not. Watching as Samurai Jack battles evil and tries to return to the past to defeat Aku is nothing short of an incredible journey. Space Dandy Though the previous four entries on this list are all widely regarded anime, Space Dandy is considerably more under the radar. Telling the story of Boobies restaurant regular Dandy, his a-dorkable robot QT, and alien cat Meow, this space "soap opera" follows the crew as the they explore the weirdness of infinite space together. The series is episodic and the focus of an episode can be anything from an eternal time loop to an interstellar space race. Some episodes are better than others but the colorful storytelling and complex richness of Space Dandy makes it a great choice. If you loved (or hated) the anime on this list sound off in the comments section below! Welcome to the world of anime!

Phil LaMarr on 'Samurai Jack' Ending: "I Consider It a Work of Art"

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Samurai Jack Was the Most Poignant Depiction of Loneliness on TV

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Samurai Jack Seasons 1-4 Summed Up in 2 Minutes

After a 14 year hiatus Samurai Jack has been back with season 5 and people are loving the show. Originally on the Cartoon Network, Samurai Jack now airs on Adult Swim. Samurai Jack takes place in a future Earth where science and technology have developed far beyond what is available in the present day, and in some ways resembles magic on its own. However, despite scientific advances, the future is decidedly dystopian for example, in one episode, the mafia profits greatly from the sale of simple water. Its a show thats way more adult than you would think and ...Read More... //

Samurai JackCreator on Season 5's Opening: 'VROOOOOOOM BLAMABLAMABLAMABLAM'

Normally you should never send a producer to do a voice actors job... except when it comes to Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartakovsky.   ...Read More... //

Samurai Jack Is Back After 12 Years and Hes Different

Samurai Jack returned to TVthis weekend after a 12-year break, andas fans expected, the new season is darker, grittier, harsher, and more insular than ever. The cartoon which ran for four seasons on Cartoon Network from 2001 to 2004 was created by Genndy Tartakovsky and told the story of asamurai who, in his battle with the demon Aku, is thrust into a futurewhere Aku rules. Since its premiere and over the years, the show has become a cult favorite, withMatt Zoller Seitz over at Vulture calling it a masterwork, and sites such as IGN and TV Guide naming it one of the greatest animated shows of all time. ...Read More... //

In Its Final Season, Samurai Jack Is Still the Most Aesthetically Daring Show on TV

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Samurai Jack Wanted to Show a Dog's Butthole, but Adult Swim Said 'Nope'

The fifth and final season of Samurai Jack is going to be darker, tougher, and violent as hell. But theres one thing it wont have: dog buttholes. ....Read More... //

The First Clip From Samurai Jack Season Five Features a Lot of Bug Carnage

After going off the air in 2004, the fifth and final season of Adult Swims Samurai Jack will begin on March 11. The first clip of that premiere episode shows an armored Jack fighting a pack of insectoid robots. Since 50 years has passed in-universe, its especially impressive. ...Read More... //

‘Samurai Jack’ Featurette: Genndy Tartakovsky Beatboxes with Tyler Bates for the Show’s Score

After witnessing the first trailer for Season 5 of Samurai Jack it became clear that creator Genndy Tartakovsky was serious about concluding the series in a meaningful way for the character, the audience who has grown up with the show, and Tartakovsky himself. An integral part of the series’ success has always been its use of music to pump up the emotional beats throughout, and that hasn’t changed with the new, final season, which debuts in just a few weeks. Tartakovsky explains his process for scoring the series, and beatboxes a bit, in a new behind-the-scenes featurette alongside the show’s composer Tyler Bates. READ MORE...