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Satisfaction Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Satisfaction...Through Release

It's a brand new world, ladies and gentlemen, in many different ways. Not only has the tone of the series changed dramatically with Satisfaction Season 2 Episode 1 , but the entire season will be available online and on demand beginning tomorrow, so this is the only review we'll be featuring on the site. So let's get down to business!   Read More....   //

Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 10 Review: The Perfect Time

The post-modern love story managed to give us a happy ending at the end of  Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 10  as well as leave plenty to explore should the series (please) be granted a second season. Before I continue, I want to give major props to USA for their promos of the series. At no time did they give too much away about the coming episodes. Always there was a bait and switch tactic to drive discussion and excitement for the next week that resulted in AHA moments when finally revealed while viewing. Impressive. Read More... //

Satisfaction Review: A Crack in the Foundation

Coming clean without actually saying a word is what happened between Neil and Grace in  Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 9 . Once again, all of the theorizing in the world didn't come close to what actually happened during the hour.  Grace initially freaks out upon learning Neil knows about her and Simon. She even fantasizes about a life with her escort, who has promised to take care of her. He has a backup plan. But witnessing a breakdown between Mateo's parents and the impact on Grace has a hollowing effect. Telling the truth, out loud, with words, no longer holds the appeal it might have had earlier in the minds of the Trumans. Read More... //

Satisfaction Review: Playing With Fire

This was probably the least satisfying episode of the series so far. In  Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 8  Neil struggled with all that he has done and how to keep it under wraps, Simon wrestled with his feelings for Grace and Adriana threw a twist into the mix when she offered herself up as Neil's next client. Even with everything that happened, there wasn't a lot to dig into, which is unlike the previous hours. Read More... //

Satisfaction Review: A Risk Worth Taking

It was another stellar episode that pulled away from the Truman's extracurricular activities while they were reminded about what's important to them -- each other. In  Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 7  Neil finally reached his breaking point. All the pain he had felt over learning about Grace's affair rose up after he realized another man had seen her naked.  This  he could talk to her about without jeopardizing their marriage. Read More... //

Satisfaction Review: A Different Perspective

It just gets better and better. If  Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 6  doesn't drive you toward a discussion about who you are, who you love, who you want to be and why you might not already know those things, then you might be watching the show wrong. I'm so lucky to have this outlet to share my thoughts about these multi-faceted characters because I need to talk about it. Read More... //

Satisfaction Review: Finding a New Rhythm

A security breach at Neil's office caused a cavalcade of interesting circumstances, but not the ones I was expecting.  As soon as it happened, I thought for sure someone would read a text or see an email or some trace of Neil's double life. After all he never knew he had a tail taking photographic evidence on his date with Jennifer in  Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 4 . But  Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 5  was instead about finding your footing again even when the rhythm is off. At least for Neil and Grace. For Adriana, it was more about skipping a beat. Read more:  //

Satisfaction Review: Tequila People

There isn't a show currently on the air that examines the human condition as fully as Satisfaction. Other series have made attempts to dig into marriages gone wrong; Julia and Joel on  Parenthood , Alicia and Peter on  The Good Wife  spring to mind. There have even been extramarital affairs, but no couple has chosen to remain together while so broken. On  Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 4  Adriana tempted Neil with another date. A woman who needed someone special like Neil. It's easy to see the difference between Neil and Simon, although they're both basically doing the same thing.  Read more:  //

Satisfaction Review: Invisible Masks

Wearing them both physically and figuratively is the theme of  Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 3  and the depth to which the series goes to examine a long-term relationships and the facade people take up while together is truly satisfying. If you're still with me, you didn't run off at the idea of a man remaining in his marriage and actively engaging in infidelity after learning his wife was with a gigolo.  Read more:  //

Satisfaction Review: That One Simple Moment

I wasn't sure what to expect from  Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 1  because people in the know told me it's bleak and depressing and will be damned difficult to watch. Judging from the premiere, Satisfaction deals with a subject many of us do as we reach the middle of our lives: We wonder what the hell we're doing. Whether married or not, it's easy to understand how Neil and Grace Truman wound up, after 18 years of marriage, unsure of their happiness, their relationship, their work and so much more. Satisfaction is at times hilarious; darkly comedic with moments that make you want to stand up and shout. It's also bleak and distressing, but somehow it lifts itself  above  becoming depressing with the realization that even when the protagonists make the wrong choices, they make them for the right reasons. Read more:  //